Various Options to Prepare Free Range Organic Chicken

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If you’re a cook, you’ll know that there are quite a few differences between conventional chicken and free-range organic chicken. Usually, skin on regular chicken can be thick and sticky, versus the organic option, which has much less fat and thinner skin, making it a healthier option to consume. Of course, because of the differences between the two types, there are different ways to prep and cook them as well.

Know the Differences

There is no significant difference between organic and regular chicken in terms of nutritional value or protein content. This differs only very slightly between both food items. The main difference is in terms of fat. Organic chicken is reported to have much less fat content than the regular kind, meaning you won’t consume as many calories as you would when you’d have the regular kind. Furthermore, free-range organic chicken means that your chicken won’t have come from broiler hens, ensuring that you won’t be consuming any chemicals or hormones that have been injected during this process. Overall, organic chicken is a much healthier option if you like eating chicken.

It is also a financially viable option to buy organic chicken. This is because this chicken is leaner and you won’t be throwing a bunch of fat into the garbage when you trim it. This is a problem with regular chicken.

How to Prepare Free Range Organic Chicken

As with any other cut of chicken, you can decide whether you want to bake or fry the chicken. In terms of preparation, you need to be careful not to rinse your chicken before you start cooking it. This is because of sanitary reasons and is advised against by various health groups. To clean your meat, just pat it with a napkin or grease paper to remove fat content and then start the trimming process.

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If you have a weak stomach, then this part will make you squeamish. You will need to find the delicate joints of the bird and slice through these to make neat cuts of wings, thighs, breast and more. Once you have prepared and cleaned the pieces, it’s time for them to go in the oven or the pan, depending on which recipe you’re using.

When marinating free-range organic chicken, you can leave it in the marinade overnight for better and more flavorful results. You can always make tiny cuts in the chicken to ensure that the marination soaks through and you don’t end up with dry chicken. Some people believe that organic chicken is dry whereas regular chicken is juicier. This is a myth. Regular chicken just looks juicy because of its fat content. Once you trim it off, you will find that it can be just as dry or juicy depending on the quality of marination.

To Bake or to Fry

This part depends on you. Organic chicken is much leaner than regular chicken so you won’t feel terrible about frying it if that’s the option you go with. You will be consuming less calories, especially if you prepare it with a good fat such as olive oil or almond butter. Fry your organic chicken lightly and take it out immediately. The lower fat content means it will cook faster, so be careful not to dry it out. Enjoy your meal!

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