Tiny health habits that can save you big money

Having tons of money in your bank account and an excellent healthcare insurance to look after all your health issues has become nothing but a dream for many people in America. Given the state of how the economy is these days, saving up for just about anything has become harder than before. Many people tend to give up on healthy habits because sometimes taking care of your health can cost you a premium, especially if you decide to eat everything organic which is double the price of normal food in convenient stores.

But all hope is not lost. There are many ways you can save money and still stay healthy. You just need to change your habits that also save you money. We have collected a list of tiny health habits that can save you big money.

Work at home through an app

There are tons and tons of applications that help you workout at home which is just as effective as taking an expensive membership at the gym. Working out at home with a good application can save you more than $70 in gym memberships per month.

Take flu shots during the morning

Did you know that researchers have found out that flu shots are much more effective during the morning than taken in the afternoon? A research suggest that taking a flu shot between 9-11 am will help you fight back flu effectively compared to other times. This means you’ll get to save a lot on multiple flu shots because you’ll need less when they’re more effective.

Turn down the heat in your home

The ideal temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep is between 60 F to 67 F. Make sure you turn your thermometer to somewhere around these numbers to not only save money on bills, but also sleep better.

Buy in bulk

Buy your stuff in bulk especially frozen vegetable. When bought in bulk, you’ll be able to avail offers like buy two and get one free and you’ll be feeding yourself for a long time to come without worrying about spending a fortune on healthy eating.

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