Shocking facts about the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies may be producing life saving drugs for the people, but the industry itself isn’t exactly pure at heart. A large part of the industry is considered to be under constant controversy for marketing high priced drugs that come from giant pharmaceutical companies that put profit before patients. You’ll be shocked to see the truth behind the industry. We have collected few of these down below.

Your doctor may be prescribing you medicine that he/she has been paid to do so by pharmaceutical companies. Many big pharma companies give extra money to doctors for prescribing the medicine they are making. Which means that doctor may be prescribing you medicine that may have a better alternate available but because they are getting paid from the back, they may choose to give you a certain medicine in favor of a better alternative.

Many pharmaceutical companies are increasing the price of their medicine without any need. They first establish a good brand and then make you believe that their medicine is better than the rest of the medicine available that are generic in nature. In truth, their medicine has nothing special or ground breaking in it, it’s just a brand name they’re cashing on.

Many pharmaceutical companies are bribing doctors behind back to tell lies about their medicine. Big pharma companies actually pay good dollars to top doctors to remain silent about the side effects of a particular medicine that they are prescribing. This way they can hide the bad side of their medicine and freely make money.

Doctors are often also paid to reveal their prescription records to pharmaceutical companies. This way they can research the records and then recommend them to offer alternate meds to the patients. Basically they influence the doctors to help sell more of their medicine than the competition.

What pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to find about is that many toxins that are in their medicine are exported from China. These toxins have been known to make people seriously ill or even kill them yet the FDA isn’t doing anything about them because big pharmas are keeping them shut.

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