Hi, I’m Jason Frankel.  I’ve been tasked with being the expert guest on passing drug tests.

My role here is simple: share my experiences with everyone about how I routinely (and legally in my home State of Colorado) smoke marijuana yet still have the ability to take drug tests and be able to pass them without fear.  If you read the subsequent pages on the right hand side of this site, you’ll see that I went into great detail talking about products that I’ve PERSONALLY TESTED and USE whenever my employer starts drug testing.

Drug Testing in Our Society

Drug testing is common place when people enter a new employment contract at a major company.  They are also common in schools and hospitals.  Some employers, such as major professional sporting leagues like the National Football League, will use random drug testing to survey it’s players well being.  In the case of the NFL, they have a serious substance abuse penalty that starts with the players losing game checks and being suspended.  Further failures of compliance lead to more severe penalties, such as lifetime bans from the league.

The NFL does random tests until it’s players fall into a protocol program where mandatory, frequent testing occurs.  Other organizations use random testing, follow up testing, and tests based on suspicion.  In some situations, a drug test can be administered after a work place accident to find out if someone was under the influence of something that would be mind altering during the accident.

Most drug tests are done by collecting urine.  Collecting urine samples can lead to positive tests for drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and even more serious drugs such as opiates and PCP.

Work Place Drug Testing

According to DrugAbuse.gov, 67.9 percent of adult drug users have full or part time jobs.  Further, most of them abuse alcohol as well.

This data also shows that people who use drugs have the tendency to:

  • Job hop (move from job to job)
  • Be tardy for work
  • Execute less production
  • Be a part of an accident and / or harm others at work
  • At some point file a worker’s compensation claim

Of course, the converse of this seems quite obvious.  When people aren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, productivity rises.  People show up for work with more frequency and work place accidents are less in number.  Health and morale are improved, and there is a much less chance that a worker’s compensation claim is made.

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