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I don’t know what to call “Shredz”: is it a bodybuilding business or a weight loss program? Is it for fit people who want to be fitter or fat people who hope to slim down? Are they all about health or having a great body?

The answer seems to be that all of those apply and more, but the website home page sets a particular tone you can’t get away from. The age of selfies doesn’t help enhance their image either. If you’ve seen one site geared towards selling super-star bodies, you’ve seen them all.

But Shredz is Different

How so? What does Shredz want to offer that other programs and companies don’t?

Perhaps I missed the affiliate angle on other web pages, but it’s pretty clear at Shredz. The firm wants to keep making their money by signing up affiliates which is the trend isn’t it?

Ostensibly, affiliates should get rich, but they don’t really. It’s the CEO who benefits. He doesn’t have to pay for a huge advertising budget.

He just signs up people with a desire to make money and the gift of promotion. They, in turn, get people excited about their company. In this case, it’s that hard-to-define fitness-health combo. I’ll dig in so you can see why it’s so difficult to describe Shredz.

Choose your Goal

At the top you see headings: shop, women, men, etc. When you browse “women,” there are several potential goals.

One is to lose weight; another to recover from a hard workout; bodybuilding is an option.

Below those sub-headings are items of apparel to purchase. Consumers can also browse supplements for weight loss and body building.

At first, from the headings anyway, I thought maybe there were systems you could sign up for to recover from injury and maybe support from professionals, but I should have trusted my instincts.

Pictures don’t lie and all that the landing page shows is a pair of beautiful people with sculpted bodies wearing self-satisfied expressions.


This is where I lost the plot. What is Shredz again? They sell supplements, clothing, and more supplements. There are workout guides and diet guides.

Plus, I see email addresses for the athletes who promote products here. Their poses and pictures are sometimes near-pornographic.

One guy wears a pair of pants barely holding in his body parts. Girls are scantily clad and men have so much muscle they can’t put their arms down.

Okay, now I get it: this is a product promoting a certain aesthetic; the beauty of built bodies whether you’re a man or a woman; the attraction of a virtually fat-free physique as represented by men and women with amazing bodies and sometimes unbelievable names they obviously weren’t Christened with. If you had low self-esteem prior to reading the web page, it’s about to tank.

Real People, Real Images

To counter this image of a product for people who are already fit, Shredz shows photos of real customers.

On day one, they look like most ordinary people, sometimes a little chubbier. By day 30, the transformation is amazing.

I don’t know if you can believe they achieved this much in just 30 days. No one here has a famous reputation to uphold, at least not yet.

The photos helped to confuse me as I imagined participants must have taken part in a program. Maybe they bought the videos and drank weight-loss smoothies by Shredz.

Then there are the selfies of satisfied customers who used these products. A lot of them adopt a Kim Kardashian style: brooding, pouting, lots of cleavage.

A few are healthier images of fully-clothed women, but most seem to be saying “this is all about sex, girls.” Any consumer with daughters is sure to go on the defensive.

So, do I recommend Shredz? I don’t know a thing about the product, just their style of promotion. On the basis of advertising alone I can’t recommend them; if the pictures are indeed true, then they definitely have something going on that is working for a lot of people.

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