Science-Backed Facts on Organic Products & Food

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Organic products and food, such as organic CBD products, are being discussed a lot, and have been so for the past years. It is due to the benefits they can bring into people’s lives. As such, many are looking up facts about these substances, but are they actually finding correct information or just speculations? Well, below you are going to find some facts about these products to help you out. They are all backed up by science.

  • They Contain More Healthy Fats

Although you can get healthy fats from other products as well, organic products can offer a higher percentage of these fats. They contain 50% more omega-3 fatty acids compared to conventional products. Moreover, while non-organic milk can have some saturated fat, organic milk has been tested and discovered to contain less.

It could be all because of the way organic livestock is being raised. It’s allowed to spend more time outdoors, and it is fed grass. So, if people were to change their lifestyle and settle for organic products instead of conventional ones, they could increase their omega-3 intake.

  • A Much Higher Antioxidant Level

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry demonstrated that there is 20% more antioxidant content in organic onions. At the same time, they think that the previous research, which didn’t find any difference in the levels between organic and conventional antioxidant content, may have been done in too short periods of study.

The research was done very well, as mentioned by Guy Crosby, who is a Nutrition adjunct associate professor at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. At the same time, he mentioned how taking a look at different minerals or vitamins may have offered a totally different result, since the study only looked at one aspect.

  • Less Heavy Metals and Pesticides

Unlike conventional vegetables, grains, and fruits, organic ones are grown differently – no artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides are being used. They can affect the products if they’re exposed to them for too long, according to health experts. Even if they are considered safe in decent quantities when it comes to conventional farming, they are not even taken into account for organic products.

That being said, a British Journal of Nutrition meta-analysis done in 2014 discovered that the crops grown organically contained less detectable pesticide levels. In addition, they also had higher chances of testing positive for cadmium, a toxic heavy metal that would affect the kidneys and liver.

  • No Track of Synthetic Hormones or Antibiotics

Very often, livestock raised conventionally is given antibiotics. This is usually because they are not always raised in the best conditions, so they have to be protected against illness. There are also animals injected with synthetic hormones in order to grow or start gaining weight much faster.

What makes this even worse is that the substances can make their way to people who consume them as well, which can be detrimental.

Final Thoughts

Organic products are much healthier and safer to use, and we hope this article proved this point. Science backs up these facts. Now, you may consider switching from conventional to organic in the future.

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