Rowing Machines vs. Elliptical Machines. Which Is Better?

The health and physical benefits from doing cardiovascular exercises cannot be overstated. In fact in recent years more and more people are taking measures to do some sort of cardio exercise. Two of the most common ways that you will encounter in any gym is through the use of elliptical machines and rowing machines.

These machines offer an excellent way to work out your body. Unlike treadmills, you end up using more than a single muscle group providing you with all rounded fitness to both your upper and lower body. But which of the two machines is better for your overall body fitness? That’s what we are here to discuss.

Elliptical Machine

This works by providing resistance to a running motion or stair case climbing motion. While it may seem a bit difficult the first time you try out an elliptical machine, you will quickly get into the motion once you have tried it a few times. Find out more by visiting – Best Elliptical 2018.

Rowing Machines

These require a bit more practice and training to get it right. This is due to the varied range of motion required to execute a correct row. The bars can go from side to side, up or down. You will need guidance from a certified trainer to prevent yourself from getting an injury.

There are four main steps to performing a correct row. First you need to use your legs to push. Secondly you need to pullback the bars with your hands. After this relaxboth your arms to allow the bar to go back to its original position. Lastly also relax your legs to allow your body to go back to the starting position. If you want to see the top models of rowers, visit DrenchFit – Best Rowing Machine 2018.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

One of the main benefits of using rowing machines is the fact that they allow you to work on your arms as well as your back. These are particularly weak in people who spend over 8 hours on a desk. You will also be able to correct your posture that could be curved as a result of hunching over the whole day on the desk.

Using rowingmachinesis similar to a deadlift. As far asyour back muscles are concerned, you will be able to work on the traps, posterior deltoids and rhomboids. All these are on your upper back. Your spine receives good support from well developed back muscles helping to correct the posture.

So Which One is Better?

Compared to rowing machines, elliptical machines do not provide an exercise that is functional in our day to day lives. Rarely do we find ourselves making the movements that are found in ellipticals. However, rowing machines do indeed offer plenty of motions that work on muscles that we use every day.

On the other hand while the motions on the rowing machines will do great to work on your muscle structure, the same cannot be said about the skeletal structure. In fact you are advised to stay away from rowing machines if you have conditions such as osteoporosis. An elliptical machine would be best in this case.

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