NAD+ patches to extend life. Do they work?

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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ is a cofactor that is present in many chemical reactions in the human body, participating in the transmission of protons through oxidation-reduction reactions, which in biochemistry is basically going from a low-energy state to one with a lot of energy and vice versa, through enzymatic activity.

Currently there are supplements based on this cofactor that promise to extend your life, such as Longevity Collective products, a company that sells 1000-milligram NAD+ patches that work like nicotine patches, in the sense that they release the substance at a much slower rate, which allows the body to incorporate it slowly and not suddenly, which brings some advantages in terms of dose control and administration. Now, are these patches really functional? Do they really have the ability to increase our longevity? In this article we will analyze if this is really possible.

What are NAD+ patches based on?

There are many scientific teams that have been looking for something very similar to the mythical fountain of youth, a substance that allows you to live longer, and there are studies that show that NAD+ has some potential in this regard.

It turns out that in animal tests it was possible to show that high levels of NAD+ were related to longer lives. What is theorized is that as there is a greater amount of NAD+ in the body, fewer free radicals would be generated, by using more efficiently the resources that the body extracts from the environment to generate energy, reducing the oxidative stress of the cells and therefore therefore prolonging the aging process.

There is no cure for aging

What Longevity Collective seeks to market is not actually a cure for aging or a true fountain of youth, but rather a method that allows the body to make greater amounts of NAD+ available without having a detrimental effect on health. Dermal patches are one of the best options in terms of the rate of administration, since they allow adding small amounts of it over a more or less prolonged period and better saving the product.

If, in addition, this method is accompanied by a good diet, exercise and enough leisure, it is likely that we will age healthier and we will become older. At least in theory, since the results in human tests are not yet conclusive.

Can NAD+ patches fight age-related diseases?

NAD+ products have been shown in animal tests to actually have the potential, properly administered, to greatly reduce the effects of aging on the body, this includes some diseases, although the effects have not been specifically documented secondary effects of NAD+ administered in elderly patients, it is known that they may be minimal in the young.

The effects of the gradual administration of NAD+ is supported by studies of scientific teams from Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Oxford and Cambridge and other studies are being carried out to try to discover the mysteries of the body related to the aging process. The benefits of NAD+ Patches, however, we will not really see until those who are using them reach an age when the first symptoms of diseases of this type usually appear, so there is still a long way to go. .

Although the fountain of youth has not been invented, at least progress is being made in the right direction in preventing diseases that appear when our bodies reach a certain age and for which a highly effective way has not yet been found to prevent them. The hopes of many are pinned on scientific advancement, to develop a better quality of life and a much brighter future for future generations.

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