Mouthguards Protect Dental Injuries

As a parent of a teenager who is very active in sports, I’m always trying to make sure the money I spend on dental work is protected.  I’ve been paying for braces for years!  It begs the question, why don’t more children wear mouthguards to protect their baby and adult teeth?

How Can Mouthguards Help?

What would it feel like to you, or your child, if they lost any of their front teeth while playing sports?  Not only does this hurt, but their entire well being is affected.  Think about it, talking, eating, chewing on food, it’s all a part of the process that has to be considered as an after-shock to this traumatic nuisance.  If you can prevent these nasty sports injuries from happening, you will, right?

You can do this with a mouth protector, most commonly known as a mouthgard.  I wore one playing soccer for one mandatory year when the Minnesota State High School League made a rule that we had to have them.  One year later that rule was repealed and we were free to play without the guards.  However, in hockey, I wouldn’t have thought twice about not wearing a mouthguard. I can’t tell you how many times that even while wearing the product I suffered from a seriously cut lip due to my braces poking through and denting my lip.

You’ll find that wearing these will help soften a blow to the face, which in turn reduces the risk of busted teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, or face.  Your teeth on top take the brunt force of the trauma due to their exposed position, they stick out more.  This is according to the private dentist to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, Thomas Long.

With all of the collisions happening, both incidental and entirely on purpose, it’s an essential piece of equipment that should be considered for not only the long term health of your child’s teeth, but also for their brain.  Concussions are a major thing. I have had plenty of them, and it’s not a good thing to have.  Some days my short term memory is non-existent.  ]

The best mouthguard you can wear is one that is made custom for you by your dentist.  Look up a place near you, like Noble Smiles Dentistry, for example, and have them make you one out of a mold.  This way it’s perfectly made to your teeth and will not be uncomfortable to wear.

If you can’t find someone to do that for you, or if cost is an issue, you an buy one (they are very cheap) and do what they call a boil and bite. You get this at a local sporting good store, and you boil the mouthguard to soften it up, and then bite down on it and hold it into your teeth to form a mold. It’s not always perfect, but you can get it pretty comfortable if you boil it nice and hot.

As an added level of comfort, you can cut off some of the extra rubber that will extend to the back of your mouth.  I find that’s very chewy and large, and it’s uncomfortable.  However, always consult a professional.

And hey, if you want to be safe and away from injuries, try gaming!

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