List of Best Three Gym Workout Plans

For anyone who is looking to stay fit, or pack some serious muscle, one of your top priorities should be determining the right kind of workout plan. Every workout plan has something different to offer and not every plan is intended for all bodies.

Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned gym-goer, we have listed down the best three gym workout plans that almost guarantee positive results in the gym. With proper diet and dedication, you are just one step away from getting the body of your dreams.

So without further adue, let us walk you through samples of the best gym workout plan that will change your life forever.

5X5 Program

Do you love big arms, chiseled chest, broad shoulders, and six-pack abs? Then the 5×5 Program is the ultimate workout plan for you. This plan was created from the ground up to help people pack serious strength and muscle mass in the shortest period of time.

The basic aim of the program is to perform three main exercises that basically target the main groups of your body – both upper and lower body – performed in five sets and five repetitions. At the end of this workout, you can add in a couple of more sets of any isolated exercises you like to further add to its effectiveness.

By following this workout plan, you’ll increase the frequency of training which will stimulate majority of muscle fibers in your body on a daily basis. This will trigger a high release of testosterone which will ultimately grow your muscles to a whole new level.

If you feel hungrier than usual when you are following the 5X5 Program, it is an indication that the workout is working out pretty well for you.

German Volume Training

The German Volume Training isn’t quite different from the 5X5 program. The only major difference between the two workout plans is the German Volume Training requires you to go up to ten repetitions instead of five.

With more repetitions added, the burn is bigger and the results are quicker. The program focuses on two main muscle groups a day instead of three. You’ll be altering between the two groups after every three days.

The German Volume Training is intended for advance gym-goers. The program will allow you to build muscle mass at an incredibly fast pace, provided that you are supporting it with an equally good nutritional plan.

FST-7 Training Program

The FST-7 or Fascial Stretch Training provides you with guidelines as to what should be done at the very last exercise for each muscle group you target on a gym day. The primary objective behind the program is to stretch the fascia tissue which is found around your muscles throughout the body.

When this particular tissue is stretched, you will see immense growth in muscle. This is due to increased delivery of amino acids, minerals, and oxygen to the tissue as a result of it being stretched.

You’ll need to perform at least 15 reps of the last exercise of the muscle group you are targeting for the day.

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