How to Order Prescription Drugs From Canada

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It’s official — we’re living in a global world now. Health and Human Services confirmed that the prescription drug market is international now. With a global market, though, comes great revelations.

Among these revelations is the fact that Americans are overpaying for their drugs. And, by overpaying, we mean by A LOT.

That’s why so many people are now looking to buy prescriptions abroad. Are you interested in learning how to buy prescription drugs from Canada? If so, then read on to get the inside scoop!

Initial Steps to Take

If you don’t live in Canada, then your primary concern is following the law. You likely have questions like if it’s even legal to buy prescriptions abroad. It is generally acceptable under certain circumstances, but you’ll need to prove:

  • The drug is for personal use
  • You have a medical need
  • You have a valid prescription

To establish the above, you’ll need to visit your doctor. Your doctor will need to write a prescription for your medication.

Once you have this prescription, you have the choice to fill it at any pharmacy, including a Canadian one.

Traveling to the North

One way to get prescriptions from a Canadian pharmacy is to travel there yourself. You’ll want to consider the distance and extra travel expenses, though.

Weigh out the costs of traveling against the amount of money you’d save on the drugs. You’ll also need to consider how much medication you’ll be able to get across the border.

Usually, you can bring back a 90-day supply. If your drug is a narcotic, though, then you may only be able to take back 50 doses or less.

Depending on your situation, it may be worth it to invest in a vacation to the north. If you live close to the Canadian border, then this option is more enticing. If you live far away, then it won’t be worth the investment.

Using an Online Pharmacy

If traveling costs outweigh the savings, then you’ll need another option. That’s when online Canadian pharmacies can help. You can get online prescriptions in several ways. You could:

  • Schedule a virtual visit with a Canadian doctor
  • Fill your U.S. prescription through an online Canadian pharmacy
  • Use a prescription referral company

With online pharmacies, you can choose the medication type and dosage. Then, your medicine will get shipped to your home.

Always do your research when it comes to buying medication. Ensure the pharmacy you’re buying from is legitimate and respected.

How to Buy Prescription Drugs from Canada

Medical spending can take up a huge chunk of your budget. Knowing how to buy prescription drugs from Canada can save hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars a year.

Are you interested in taking the leap? Follow our tips above, and you’ll secure cheaper prescriptions in no time.

We’re all in this together, and we’re all trying to live our healthiest and best lives. Be sure to browse around our health section for more of our latest content.

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