Home Remedies for Arthritis

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Arthritis is a painful condition that affects your joints by causing inflammation. The inflammation causes a thickening of tissues that makes the motion of the joints harder. It may also involve painful friction of the joint contacts that cause wear and tear. When you make any slight motion, your bones grind each other, causing immense pain. The condition worsens with age, although surgical procedures help to ease the inflammation or repair the damaged area. Regenerative medicine is a promising medical area that plans to help develop a new set of joints that can replace worn-out joints. However, home remedies exist that can help to ease off the pain, especially when old age comes and invasive surgical procedures become a tall order. When you age, your recovery process also ages; making healing a long and complicated process. If you live in Des Plaines, arthritis complication services are right next to you. Visit our website and get in touch to receive treatment, and help improve the quality of your life.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Try and track your body mass index all year round. It provides the approximate weight that your body structure can support based on your weight and height. When you go beyond the recommended BMI, your bone structure suffers. Excess weight puts pressure on the joint areas such as your hip, knees, and feet. Arthritis affects the joint areas, and adding excess pressure on such an area makes the condition worse and the wear and tear increase. Lose that excess weight to help ease the tension.

Exercise Your Body

When you have arthritis, avoid exercising, which puts a lot of pressure on your joints. You can engage in exercises that give mild movements on the joints. You may decide to participate in aerobics or swimming that move your joint muscles. They help strengthen the muscles and add flexibility that may ease the pain.

Use Temperature Therapy

Temperature therapy involves the use of hot and cold therapy to treat pain. You can use a warm bath in the morning to heat the joints and activate blood circulation thus relaxing the area and easing stiffness. You can also use heat pads to have a relaxing effect at night. When you feel a lot of pain, you can use ice bags on the affected joints to numb the pain and bring relief.


This treatment uses needles to change the direction and intensity of energies in the body. When you suffer pain from pressure on the joints, the acupuncturist can use needles to direct the pain away from the affected area, thus causing relief. However, it would help if you always researched the acupuncturist you visit to avoid quacks who may cause bodily harm.

Use Pain Relievers

When the joint pains persist, you can use over the counter medication as prescribed by your doctor to ease it. You can also try meditation to help relax your brain and bring relief. When pain becomes chronic, it affects the brain and makes the condition as much mental as it is physical. Coping with the psychological strain can ease the pain and make it easier to deal with the actual physical pain.


Getting a massage helps to reduce stiffness on the joints by improving blood flow. The relaxation of the joints can help ease the pain. You can learn some techniques from pain experts and implement them at home.


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