A Guide to Getting Dental Crowns in Jacksonville, Florida

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Are your teeth damaged or chipped or you simply want to prevent an existing decay from spreading? Do you to fill in a tooth where a space has been created by the removal of a tooth? What you probably need is a dental crown.

A dental crown, to put it simply, is a prosthetic cap for a damaged tooth. It is mostly used for the restoration of a tooth damaged either by breakage, chipping or decay. They restore not just the look but also the functions. They are designed to fit the tooth’s size and shape perfectly. They may come designed in porcelain, ceramic, metal, zirconia, titanium, cast gold or a combination of different materials. For instance, a person can have a porcelain crown that may be fused with metal if they do not want an all-porcelain one.You can read more about it here.

These crowns are custom made and designed specifically to mirror each tooth’s size and shape so that it can be fitted perfectly with the rest of the teeth. With this, a person can regain their ability to eat, chew and enjoy foods that may have hitherto been hard for them to chew. Theyare also designed to match your other teeth in appearance so that they are not distinguishable.



These are made to be used for a short period. The dentist will place it over the tooth using an adhesive. This makes it easy to remove when you are ready to. It is usually done when a person is waiting for a permanent one to be made and are made of either plastic or metal only.


These are made from much stronger materials like those mentioned earlier as they are expected to last a long time. Strong bonding cement is used instead of the kind of adhesive used in the temporary type.

Onlay or 3/4

These cover only a portion of the tooth instead of the whole. It is a great option for when only a portion of the tooth is damaged. It is designed to cover the exact shape and size of the damaged part, leaving the good part intact. This is often a much cheaper option than having a full one.It however requires great skill and expertise on the part of the dentist as it is more difficult to pull off.

Same Day or One-day Crown

These are referred to as CEREC, that is ceramic restoration, and is typically gotten in a day. They are computer-aided and milled from a block of ceramic. As it is based on technology, it is a faster and easier way of getting one fixed. There are however several drawbacks to this type as you may not get the required shade or material you want.The dentist may also not get the exact shape and they are not very natural in there looks.

Why A Person May Need Dental Crowns

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Large Cavity

For someone who has a large and hard to fill cavity, fixing a crown may be the next best option. It is usually recommended if about 50% of the tooth is damaged. The dentist will remove large fillings and will typically replace them with a crown.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can make the affected tooth vulnerable to further damage. To prevent this, a crown is put in place to protect it and to help restore its original appearance.

For A Better Appearance

Many factors can affect the way the teeth appears including stress and pressure. The enamel can also breakdown be discolored, stained or decayed. All these can be improved by fixing dental crowns on the affected tooth.

To Replace Missing Tooth

If you have a missing tooth, using dental crowns in combination with implants help to fill the void as it acts as an artificial tooth.

In selecting a dental crown, factors such as the tooth’s location, position of the gum tissue, and how much of it will show during a smile are all considered. Also, the type and function of the tooth in question, what color the set of teeth surrounding itis and how much of the natural tooth is left will be considered by your dentist to help you determine what is best. You are also at liberty to tell your dentist whatever your personal preference is.

Other factors that may also affect the choice of a crown may include cost, strength, and durability. Discussing the available options and how they affect your natural appearance and smile will help you figure out the best option for you.

How they are fixed

Dental Impants

A typical procedure or installation will usually take 2 trips to the dentist’s office.

The type of material to be used is agreed on by the doctor and patient and the tooth is examined and prepared by taking some x-rays to determine if a root canal is needed. This may be required if there is extensive decay or risk of injury and infection. The outer portion is shaved using a drill and proper support is provided if it is seen to be weakened and in need of some support.

After this, an impression of the teeth will be taken using a computer software or mold.A temporary crown is then fixed as a temporary fixture pending the arrival of the permanent one from the lab where the impressions were sent.

By your second visit, the permanent one will be ready. With a little adjustment here and there to ensure your satisfaction, your permanent crown will be fixed.

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Dental crowns restore a person’s well-being, improves their smile and gives them a new outlook to life. More than covering up damage or disease, they help stop discomfort in your teeth, restore the mouth’s structure so you eat foods you like and also make you feel confident.

If you are having any issues with your teeth, be sure to visit your dentist right away so that a thorough examination will be carried out. You don’t want to lose the use of them.

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