Five Career Opportunities For MPH Graduates

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The Healthcare sector is the backbone of any economy.The country cannot function without a healthy workforce. If the country’s population is ill and not doing well, it’s difficult for the nation to provide funds to the unemployed people. That will, inturn, be a burden to the economy, and the existing healthy population will suffer from high taxes. Therefore the healthcare industry plays a pivotal role in the success of any economy.

Moreover, the healthcare sector is also one of the sought after areas as people hold healthcare workers in high regard, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has made healthcare workers, frontline heroes. Unlike other industries, the medical sector is always top in demand as it does not have a particular season but runs all year round. Every year students in flock register for healthcare degrees as the degree holds innumerable benefits. Jobs with higher salaries and satisfaction of serving the community are the two significant reasons people choose healthcare degrees.

Master’s in Public Health is gaining immense popularity. Students who are passionate about different aspects of human health want to learn about environmental, sociological, and behavioral factors that directly impact it and pursue it to dive deep into the subject. Public health has always been an important aspect, but it has become a crucial concern because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects.

The following are some of the career paths for MPH degree holders:

  1. Health Informatics

Health informatics is also known asa biostatistician, and their job is to analyze different types of data and apply statistical findings to medical researches. They are high in demand because they deal with clinical trials and genome projects, which lead them to identify the population’s health trends. During the pursuit of a degree, students learn techniques for analyzing the public’s data and apply informatics approaches to address significant health issues. Health informatics specialists may easily land a job in clinics, surgical centers, hospitals, consulting firms, and government agencies.

  1. Epidemiologists

The medical sector encompasses a wide range of fields, and choices for a career in healthcareare far too many. Becoming an epidemiologistis very beneficial, as well. Since the area entails high power and equally high responsibilities, they bring awareness to the public about maintaining and improving their overall health. These professionals work hard to reduce the risk and occurrence of illnesses in communities. They require in-depth statistical data and should possess strong analytical skills. Students who enjoy statistics in school and fondness for numbers enjoy this subfield of the medical industry. Epidemiologists are earning handsome salaries globally.

  1. Health Manager

Management of an organization is health managers’ core responsibility, and they are the link that connects various departments of an organization. They supervise the development of plans and keep track of the staff’s vitals. Health managers ensure that the policies are executed within budget and in the set time frame. They manage staff members and assign tasks as per their credentials.Health managers also ensure that the departments have sufficient resources and are working to maximum usage. Health managers can get a job in public and governmental health corporations, and despite working in a corporate setup, they meet and interact with the general public.

  1. Environmentalists

Environmentalists educate people and help them make informed choices regarding the environment. Their role is of utmost importance in protecting the public’s health as they assist organization which undertakes decisions concerning the community’s wellbeing. Their job includes gathering data of environmental threats, and they run experiments to analyze its intensity. Environmentalists or sanitarians are also part of the teams that purify the air and use waste for productivity.

  1. Health Educator

As the name implies, health educators run a campaign to raise awareness about different aspects of human health.Usually, they work with government agencies, social work organizations, and healthcare systems to equip communities with basic knowledge of illnesses and prevention methods. The health department plans to implement strategies to make the public conscious of their health and often travel to faraway lands to address specific communities’ health concerns.


In the contemporary world, people are becoming more conscious of their health and are incorporating healthy habits in their daily lives. The healthcare sectoroffersjob opportunities in numerous fields. Master’s in public health is a challenging yet exciting field that promises high-paying career opportunities in various spheres worldwide. Hopefully, with the help of benefits as mentioned above, you can make the right career choice for your successful future.

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