Elevations RTC In Syracuse Utah Is Bringing Hope To Troubled Teens

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Today’s western culture can be a difficult place for teens to navigate through. Issues like cyberbullying, family friction, exposure to inappropriate substances or practices, trauma, and a host of other problems can trigger adverse behavioral problems in 13 to 18-year-olds. The societal transitions that have taken place over the last generation or two can also make it hard for parents to appreciate their child’s social challenges. Even when a child is raised in a supportive home, he/she can be severely impacted by peers who are troubled themselves and be led to harmful situations. Parents can find themselves not knowing where to turn for expert help to decipher their child’s behavior and address damaging situations. This is where a Residential Treatment Center, such as Elevations RTC, can be a timely and life-changing intervention for such a family.

Helping Parents Find Treatment For A Struggling Teen

The optimal way to care for and support a vulnerable teen who is struggling through life impacting issues is by enrollment in a highly reputable Residential Treatment Center or RTC. An RTC is like a therapeutic boarding school, and it provides a complete and safe environment for turning a young life around. An RTC is a model of inpatient care but gives a routine of normalcy, including schooling, meals with peers, activities, and social recreation that work together to make the therapy sessions more acceptable and useful. For a high school-aged teen who is experiencing disrupting issues, an outpatient therapy model may prove inadequate, as any environmental causes may still be present in the teen’s life. The residential model of therapy is preferable as it gives the child and their families more freedom to focus on pathways to healing.

A teen expressing any form of antisocial behavior, such as defiance, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying, or school refusal, is displaying symptoms of an underlying cause. Sometimes the teens themselves are not consciously aware of why they are experiencing frustrations and exhibiting negative behaviors. In any case, accessing professional help and intervention at the adolescent stage is crucial for addressing problems that would typically otherwise worsen, becoming cyclical and exposing the young person to future severe mental health issues. This is again why enrolment at a residential center allows enough extended time, compared to outpatient treatment programs, to deal gently with deep issues, generate trust, and gain momentum towards new health.

Elevations Residential Treatment Centre is a Different Kind of Facility

At Elevations RTC in South Syracuse, Utah, the Center has combined an inviting, fully equipped campus with highly accredited treatment programs to produce the outcome of each child’s success. Elevations welcome all genders and are a comprehensive residential treatment center, just a 30-minute drive to the north of Salt Lake City. Providing solutions for troubled teens, the professional Elevations RTC staff focuses mainly on uncovering every child’s full potential and balanced healthy development. A full complement of intensive therapy and clinical care is provided, strong academic support, art therapy, and other engaging activities, all within the context of healthy positive social peer interaction.

It is surprising the simple differences that make Elevations RTC one of the leading treatment centers. As well as the expected high levels of psychiatric care, nutritional support, and sensitive therapies, Elevations uses an all-gender approach to assist with real-world relationship integration, a peer to peer guided support structure, and focus on excellent academic support. The Elevations RTC staff understand that teens who have experienced a high level of disruption in their lives usually see their grades suffer as well. Being committed to the teen’s future success means being committed to strengthening their academic ability, and many of the program participants have gone on to later do well at their chosen college.

A ‘Family Inclusive’ Model for Success

Another reason for the high success rate of Elevations RTC programs is their focus on the participant’s place in the family. By applying research that shows parental involvement is key to best outcomes for a troubled teen, Elevations work with the families of participants to heal hurts and share the tools of transformation so that the whole family can celebrate success with their child. Although the teen is viewed as a student learning how to positively respond to his peers, authority figures, himself, and to life’s choices, the parents are valuable students too. Elevations RTC staff provide parent orientation sessions, coordinated visits, parent seminars, and family therapy to build strong supportive reunited families.

A Built-In Sense of Belonging

Program strengths at Elevations are all knit together by the underlying sense of community on the campus itself. Part of this seems to be subtly imparted by the comfortable facilities, the nurturing environment, and the ‘private boarding school’ feel of the amenities.  However, part of the community spirit is structurally built into the program. For example, the engaging adventure therapy model provides a team-building experience that develops trust and resilience. While teens spend their day schooling and sharing activities among their wider RTC community, they finish their day back at the dorm with a smaller group of their peers. With dedicated members of the Elevations RTC staff, this smaller community forms a close-knit ‘family’ of friends learning to relate to one another with positive interaction. Also, community responsibilities are taught, as each participant has a rostered role to play in helping with clean up and other chores. Adding value to their community helps the teen own a sense of ‘worth’ to the other members, giving them the message that they are indeed valuable to society as a unique individual.

Helping a child realize their potential, reconnect with their family, and joyously discover who they are is a team effort at Elevations RTC. The highly qualified staff includes specialists in clinical and medical disciplines, residential care, recreational therapy, and academics. Supported by administration staff, the experienced leadership team guides the teens in their care through the proven model of five ‘peaks’ in the program: Relationship, Therapy, Engagement, Value, and Future Direction. Thanks to Elevation RTC, help for the hurting teen is here.

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