Ridding your hair of medical residue is beneficial to its quality, strength, and appearance. Those going through drug testing at work also covet these products which, not surprisingly, can be purchased online and even in some brick-and-mortar stores.

Illegal drug residue can last for weeks in one’s hair. Washing with a special shampoo could be a way to get rid of it.

Hard-to-find? Has Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo Been Discontinued

Firstly, this product in its original container is considered rare. At first I wondered if it had been discontinued because e-commerce pages regularly comment on how difficult it is to come by which enables vendors to manipulate the sale.

I found a vendor that does carry the original shampoo recommended for passing a hair test. It is the one with bar code 05592 16035, which is recommended for this purpose on numerous sites.

However, I’m recommending a new one, ironically that is called “Old Style.”  Here is the picture of it as well as a link to buy Old Style Shampoo below. 

Here is what it looks like:

What Aloe Rid Does

Aloe Rid cleanses hair of the residue that weighs hair down, makes it brittle and dry, or even causes hair to stop growing or begin to fall out in some cases. Residue includes metals, minerals, impurities in the air outside and inside, cigarette smoke, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs.

Getting rid of these elements can be harsh on hair, causing consumers to wonder if trying to clean it off does as much harm as it does good. The Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo apparently does this job without damaging the hair but also gets rid of toxins and free radicals assertively.

Original and Rare

Spend some time on the internet searching for this product and you will see one format known as “original, rare” suggesting there was a second release. That might be something you have to hunt for in stores.

A 5.1-floz bottle with a related product called Ultra Clean costs around $150 or more. Yes, it’s that rare and, apparently, very effective. Maybe think twice about smoking weed before a race or a game at a price like that.

Hair Technology

IT is a term related to making and understanding gadgets, but “technology” could refer to the combination of almost any materials to create unique properties. In the case of Aloe Rid, cleansing technology is achieved with the use of specific ingredients which slowly release themselves such as Ceramides to provide strength, antioxidants, and ingredients that protect hair from the sun’s destructive rays.

Consequently, hair should be shiny and strong. Nexxus products are made in the United States and are not tested on animals. They promise that, when used as directed, this should remove all the toxins above and more.

Ingredients include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Aloe Gel, Cocamide DEA, Panthenol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Tocopheryl Acetate, and more long words that don’t sound very good for you. This shampoo is not gluten- or soy-free as soybean oil and wheat flour lipids have been added to avocado and other oils to create a moisture barrier.

New Package

This new package is the same “Old Style” formula that you’ll find if you search for Nexxus.  I don’t recommend buying any if you find it, because it can be old and weak.  Buy Old Style – this is for your best interest.

Be sure to read the description on their website since they recommend another type to use with this.

Testclear provides clear instructions as to how one uses the shampoo in order to pass a hair drug test. It’s better to avoid drugs altogether, but you can use this if you are in the situation, or perhaps were exposed to second hand smoke, and this shampoo also makes hair healthier after an illness where medications became an unavoidable part of life.

More from Nexxus (Err – Old Style)

Visit the website below for more products along the lines most consumers are familiar with; shampoos and conditioners found on mainstream grocery and beauty-store shelves.

They add volume, shine, strength, flexibility, and balance to dry, oily, brittle, or lack-luster hair by adding nutrients and removing pollutants, much like Aloe Rid, but with a whole other purpose in mind.

Go Here to Make an Order –> Testclear.com


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