Can CBD Hemp Flower Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

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Do you think about the arrangement between CBD hemp flower and drug testing? Well, let’s talk about it.

Perhaps, you already understand that hemp belongs to the cannabis family, and that doesn’t make you feel high. Generally, hemp flowers are known for their medical benefits. But, if you are wondering that hemp can cause trouble in your drug test or not, then carry on reading.

Drug Test & Hemp Uncovering

Generally, many people question the drug test and CBD hemp flower. First and foremost, you need to know that an average drug test is conducted to uncover the presence of THC and metabolites. It means that the CBD cannot show up on your medical examination. Standard tests are not intended to look for the CBD compound. You can surely buy high-quality CBD hemp flowers from vendors like IHF to consume daily for medical reasons. However, there are separate specific tests to catch the CBD component. Since CBD hemp flowers don’t make you go high, you should not spend extra charges on a drug test to detect CBD.

Components of CBD Hemp Flowers

If you’re still confused with differentiating hemp plants from high cannabis strains, then you should learn about the principal components. The hemp plant has insufficient levels of THC. Contrarily, the THC component is available in high amounts in marijuana, and it is solely responsible for the psychoactive effects.

CBD is the main component in the hemp plant, and that is what makes it different from other cannabis plants and strains. Hemp flowers come with the highest level of CBD and the lowest level of THC to cure medical conditions, like cancer, inflammation, sleep disorders, back pain, nausea, and anxiety.

THC Detected in a Regular Drug Test

The only problem is when THC is detected in a high amount during a regular analytic test. It is impossible at that point to prove whether the detected THC is from hemp flowers or not. It can easily be associated with marijuana.

It is noticed that CBD hemp flowers also contain a certain level of THC (which is usually 0.3% or less). And this can show up in your drug test with a lower detection threshold.

It is obvious that drug tests conducted with the samples of blood, urine, breath, hair, sweat, and oral fluid wouldn’t end up showing similar results. A hair test is specifically designed to look for the chronic substance. So if you don’t take substantial quantities regularly, a hair test is unlikely to detect THC consumed by hemp flowers.

The oral fluid or urinary tests have lower detection thresholds (50ng/ml), and they can possibly detect THC.

Minimal Chances of Failing a Drug Test

You don’t have to worry about failing a drug test, particularly when you are consuming hemp flowers and hemp-based products. Commonly, drug tests attempt to look for the THC metabolites. Hence, the chances that you fail a drug test are minimal because you consume pure CBD flowers. And they don’t hold enough levels of THC.

The more THC component present in your bloodstream, the more problematic it is for you, which is not usually the case with hemp flowers. Roughly, you will have to smoke many pure hemp flowers to touch the 50ng/ml standard of THC.

It is recommended that you ensure the safety of results by consulting your drug test report with a third-party lab. You can even ask the lab experts what kind of CBD flowers and products are safe and pure to use in a routine. They are knowledgeable enough to inform you of the approximate levels of THC present in different CBD-based items.

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