5 Most Popular Ways To Use Hemp Flower Buds

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Why would you want to use the buds?

Because they boast a whole host of benefits. Although marijuana still takes the spotlight in mainstream culture, hemp buds have many similar features.They can help you with insomnia, anxiety, depression, nausea, body pains, inflammations, and even seizures and combatting addictions.

What makes hemp valuable is the most notable difference compared to its more popular cousin. Unlike marijuana, itdoesn’t contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), the psychoactive component. In other words, you can enjoy the many benefits of the plant without worrying about getting high when you don’t want to.Click here to learn more about what THC is and how it actually works.


Hemp can be smoked, and so can plenty of products that come from it. However, keep in mind that you will need to use a strain that has higher levels of CBD if you want to actually ingest any via this method. There are several specifically developed and grown for their CBD content, so look them up.

As for the specific way to smoke hemp buds, you have a couple of options. You can mix them with marijuana, or use them on your own. You could roll them up into a cigarette, make a joint, or use a bowl for the purpose.


Continuing along the line of smoker practices, you can also use these things as vaping material. In fact, if you are determined to consume your buds by way of inhalation, then this is the single most recommended method for it. The heat from the vaporizer will make the molecules of CBD go across the coils, and when you breathe in the vapor, it will be infused with them.

This vapor is drawn directly into your lungs, then gets absorbed very quickly, so there is minimal substance loss. This is an important perk since hemp vaping is done primarily for health purposes, and a health-oriented user wouldn’t want to waste any of the medicinal molecules they’re ingesting. Here’s a handy link where you can continue reading about smoking hemp and various related topics.

As an ingredient in food

If you are not that big of a fan of the whole inhalation adventure, you may prefer to take your herb as a snack. Please note: if you are involved with the raw food movement or subscribe to a diet that has you focusing on unprocessed or barely processed foods, you may want to skip this section altogether.


CBD is a primary cannabinoid. You cannot access its potential without exposing it to heat. This sets in motion a process known as decarboxylation, which serves as an activator of the molecules you want to benefit from. If you smoke, the heat will come from your lighter and then the embers that remain. If you vape, the vaporizer takes care of that detail.

If you decide to eat, you will most likely need to use an oven for this. It’s not much different from oven-drying fruits at home, feel free to browse the web for methods and hacks that best suit your space, equipment, and kitchen skills. Here’s an example how-to: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-decarboxylate-cannabis/

The important thing is to infuse your plant before you make it into a snack. Fat molecules are the most effective at binding the various cannabinoid molecules, so once you have decarboxylated your buds, chuck them into butter or coconut oil. Then use that in your brownie recipe (or any other).

Make hemp concentrates

This is an easy and useful venture. Feel free to use your favorite marijuana concentrate recipes, the methods are nearly identical! But keep in mind the low CBD contents in hemp vs. cannabis. If you want to amp up the potency of your concoctions, you will need more raw buds.

Make your own tinctures

Soak the buds in alcohol and let it do its extraction magic. Tinctures are typically applied topically, but you can also play around with adding them to drinks, or just take them straight up as they are. Just be safe and so your tincture general research first. Even with the benevolent hemp, home-made remedies are always a risky playground.

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