Where to Buy Pine Pollen (AND Pine Pollen Benefits!)

Hey, guys. I wanted to talk to you about pine pollen – not only the benefits, but also where to buy pine pollen. This is something that I’ve really been looking into for quite a bit. The full video is right above if you want to listen instead of read this.

I have just made a purchase of this, and I’m going to report back with a full pine pollen review. But today let me start by talking about the benefits of pine pollen. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic. I turned 40 on August 19th (I know, it’s crazy!).

I started looking at my supplements and what I’m putting in my body and thinking about different things that I really want to incorporate going forward. I kept hearing about this from guys at the gym, people around town and stuff. I was like, “What the heck is pine pollen?” So, I dug into it and as it turns out, there are a lot of benefits – for for guys as well as women.

As I began to see that the benefits of pine pollen there are pretty extensive, I got more excited to try it!

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen

I ended up getting my order from Lost Empire Herbs, and some of us here a the site have bought plenty of stuff from Lost empire Herbs that have either been reviewed already, or are going to be.

Just one visit to their site convinced me that there’s nothing better than them when it comes to just getting herbs and stuff like this. I mean, you’ll hear it from Kathy (she’s been using their Athena Women’s Formula and organic Schisandra berry for quite a while), you’ll hear it from myself. I know Martin’s been sampling them as well. Crazy stuff, you guys!

So at Lost Empire Herbs, they’re saying that pine pollen is their most popular herb by a landslide. They’ve sold almost 20,000 over 31,000 units of this as of this writing October 2019 update – and this is something I literally hadn’t heard of until a few months ago! I’m really excited to get my order, and I will share a whole review of that once I get it and have had a chance to use it.

Let’s talk about the benefits of pine pollen

Why is pine pollen good for you? What I’m learning is that it is one of the most potent and powerful foods or herbs that you can get these days. It’s the male spore of the pine tree and it’s been used for thousands of years, okay? Which I didn’t know!

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen ROCKS!So basically this pine tree that I grew up with in Minnesota is like the craziest thing ever. You’re getting hormonal support, it’s good brain food. It balances hormones. This is for men and women, both! It seems pretty rare that something can benefit both sexes.

I’m starting to look at this as a super food, and I’m not alone in saying that.

Liver Support

They are also saying that pine pollen is also great for detoxifying the liver. In today’s world, we all need that. As I mentioned above, I just turned 40, and you can’t imagine how much champagne we drank down in Miami during my party! So now I’m saying that I really can’t get this order fast enough because I need it. LOL!

The List of Benefits Goes On…

Another thing they say is that it can help in reducing cholesterol. Energy, vitality, it’s almost like a multi-vitamin in that, right? They say it cam improve breast heath in women and prostate health in men. I’m at that age where I gotta start thinking about that.

It’s an antioxidant and it may even decrease DNA mutation, and improve endurance. So, I’m liking the looks of this list of benefits here.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but I feel it’s important to point out that Lost Empire Herbs has a vast collection of well-researched articles about the various herbs and their benefits.

Estrogens and Androgens

For just one example that is applicable to our discussion here, they have an article called “Estrogens vs Androgens.” It’s written by Logan Christopher, one of the three Christopher brothers who run Lost Empire Herbs (the other two being Cloud and Zane).

In the article, he talks about the problems of estrogen dominance, a big issue in today’s lifestyle. I won’t go into it here, because it’s pretty extensive. But, it kind of surprised me to see how so many foods can lead to estrogen dominance.

And, while I don’t have the problem of “man boobs,” a lot of guys do –  and Logan says that estrogen dominance can have something to do with that.

Another thing is “beer belly.” A lot of people think it’s just because of the calories in beer, but again, Logan points to hops – a natural ingredient in almost all beers. It turns out that hops are a phyto-estrogen (the estrogen occurs naturally).

Anyway, it’s just another of a bunch of interesting articles at the site.

Purchase Options

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen is their #1 best seller!
Click the image to go to the Lost Empire Herbs Best Seller page.

What you’re seeing at Lost Empire Herbs depends on what option you get. Check out this screenshot from their site – over to the right –> (Actually, if you click the image, you can go to that page where I took the screenshot. It’s their Best Sellers page.)

You’ll see that you can get 150 capsules, or if you want the powder form, you can get 50 grams, or you can get a mega dose powder of 250 grams. The prices go from $17.99 to $74.99 before any coupon codes.

And what really sold me was:

  1. Between all of us here, we’ve been doing business with this company for a while,
  2. They have a TON of fantastic product and educational information and,
  3. There’s a lot of good reviews!

Pine Pollen Reviews from the Site

In the video, I read one from a guy named Olaf, who mentioned that it was the “most effective natural supplement” that he’d taken. He mentions that he has tried a lot of supplements. As it turns out, he has PTSD, and believes that the pine pollen has really helped him in that regard. The other thing is that he felt it has helped with his sex life.

You can hear me read his entire review in the video (I read that one at 2:57 in the video). Or, of course you can read it at the site as well.

Cool stuff, right? I love it. I’m really excited to get this and do a whole review and hopefully have a similar experience.

Their Pine Pollen gets over 4.1 stars.

Once you’re there, you can scroll through all the reviews at your leisure.

I decided to also read a negative one because we have to take the good with the bad.

One guy said that he had absolutely no positive results. He said that his erections have gotten way less. Well, to me, he’s talking about his testosterone or T-levels. I think maybe that guy was looking for a testosterone booster and looking for a miracle.

Maybe he’s taking the wrong product. Now this guy only wrote four or five sentences but I’m not going to take his review into consideration for my own decision to buy it. It’s like he was giving it a one star because he’s talking about his erections, okay?

That’s not why I’m looking at it. I’ve got no problem in that department but if I did I’d look beyond just pine pollen.

Actually, you know how I mentioned that Lost Empire Herbs has a bunch of educational articles at the site? I’m surprised that, when that guy wrote his 1-Star Review about Pine Pollen, that one of the Christopher brothers didn’t suggest that he head over to their extensive article about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to see if there was something else he might be able to do. Just sayin.

In the video, you’ll see that I go to other sites to read some of the bullets on pine pollen and notice that everyone’s pointing to Lost Empire Herbs.

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen

Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Codes

Oh, I also mention that we might even have a coupon code for you guys. We’re pretty good at getting that with our vendors. Check out this link, where Kathy has arranged for some great savings with an Lost Empire Herbs coupon. She says it gives readers 15% off. The only thing is that it won’t work on “VIP Purchases.” But that’s cool because those specials already have good deals worked into the offers. Anyway, go to http://bit.ly/Lost-Empire-Herbs-Coupon to see what the coupons are.

Science and References

In the video (at about 4:40 minutes) I show another site that summarizes some of the scientific research on pine pollen. They talk about longevity, (of course we’re all looking for that, right?) inflammation, immunology, arthritis.

They cite some science for you there, and that gets a little bit “medical” for me. For me, at the end of the day, pine pollen is getting a lot of buzz these days, and it’s something I’m starting to take.

Again, I’ll do a follow up video of me reviewing this exact product but for right now, I just wanted to tell you where to buy it and a bit of the benefits that sole me on trying it.

Buy your Pine Pollen at Lost Empire Herbs. In the meantime, I’ll see you soon in a follow up video and post! Thanks for reading! UPDATE: May 2019: Here’s the follow up video:

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