At TestClear, they are all about helping individuals take a myriad of different drug tests for different reasons. Their inventory of products is extensive enough to where, no matter who you are or your reasons for a drug test, they can help you. TestClear has been in business for 8 years now and is are well-versed in all aspects of this business.

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For Parents

A growing reason for buying a drug detection kit is parents wanting to make sure their children stay on the right path. Whether it is a basic urinalysis or a more extensive and in-depth hair sampling kit, parents can test their children for a wide variety of drugs and illegal substances.

Now, while there are some substances that are still illegal, that does not necessarily mean they are detrimental to the physical health and mental well-being of an adult.

Children and teenagers, on the other hand, are still growing in both regards, so keeping drugs out of their system is a legitimate concern for parents.

This being the case, TestClear has products tailored to these needs and can test for any combination of drugs that are requested with their home kits. Since there is no “One size fits all” need for a test for every single drug imaginable, there is no “One size fits all” test.

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They have been in business long enough to realize this and have tailored their products accordingly. They understand that the family unit is a very important part of life and, hopefully, their products can help keep yours intact and drug free.

Employment Testing

Another important part of life is work. They are in tune with the needs of employers and employees alike when it comes to a drug free workplace. A drug free workplace is seen by most as a safer environment.

They also understand that there are insurance companies which employers use that mandate not only pre-employment drug screening, but random testing as well. Some employers use outside businesses to do this for them, while others do it in-house. Whichever the case, we are equipped to handle the needs of both.

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So as you can see, their adaptability in creating and supplying tests for specific people and purposes in a family unit, also applies to workplace testing. Different companies are going to have different needs in regards to the extent that they test their employees.

Highly skilled and handsomely compensated employees for example, are going to have extensive testing done to them. This is very understandable. Hair sampling is a growing need in this case and TestClear is perfectly suited to supply anyone with this type of test.

Court Orders

Another reason for extensive and thorough testing on individuals is when it is court ordered. The most common reason here is when a person is on probation and they have to pass drug tests every week, month or whatever time frame the courts decide is best.

These types of tests often start with the most extensive and thorough testing possible and, after time and some passed tests by an individual, they gradually get pared down to less extensive testing that is not performed as often as at the outset.

This is one reason why TestClear always keep a large inventory of testing equipment and options available at all times. The requests and needs of customers come first and, since they vary greatly, they cannot realistically anticipate what will be ordered next.

Therefore, they stay equipped and ready for anything. The company has slowly been gaining a reputation for this, and this is why they are trusted by so many and just as trusted to be able to get the job done. Whatever that job may be.


Another high-profile and highly respected aspect of what they do, is providing testing and testing equipment to the military. Not to split hairs as to who or what is more important in regards to getting a drug test, but providing the military with the needed goods and services is a source of pride at TestClear.

Not only are they helping keep the country safe by helping men and women in uniform stay clean, but what they provide the military with to help in doing this, is of the highest quality available.

Everybody in all walks of life is capable of trying anything once. But when it becomes habitual substance use and, therefore, a problem, that is when people cannot function at their best. Our men and women in uniform are helping to keep our country safe, and TestClear contributes to this cause.

That said and not to cheapen it in any way, but when families and businesses know that TestClear capable of testing at the highest level, that is a very strong selling point. Together with the test for this coupon, you will be able to buy generic Viagra at a discount. They realize that what they do is of the utmost importance on a personal and professional level, and they are certainly not blind to this business fact either.

If you need these types of products, check out their website, and make sure to use the Test Clear Coupon code I supplied above at the beginning of this review. They also have a number you can call to get all your questions answered.


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