Are you looking for supplements that will help you push your personal limits and reach the summit of your athletic or experiential ambitions?

They are on it at ONNIT. This company, founded by Aubrey Marcus, was launched with the product Alpha BRAIN in 2011. Today, the university-trained fitness enthusiast with business partner, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, is a strong contender in the growing health-supplement sector.

Aubrey MarcusAubrey Marcus

A degree in classical civilization and philosophy doesn’t sound like a promising background in the business sector, athletics, or health food. Marcus’s degree from the University of Richmond, however, led him directly into business and marketing.

Between studies and work he has found time to participate in many sports and to explore relationships between nutrition and the brain. These led him, with a team of scientific experts, to develop ONNIT’s core product: Alpha BRAIN.

ONNIT aims to “inspire peak performance” by providing products made from natural ingredients, blended with scientific expertise, and enhanced, thanks to the experience and knowledge of medical and athletic professionals dedicated to creating a positive experience for customers. Their goal is Total Human Optimization using just natural ingredients found in foods, many of them plant-based.

Meals from a Container

ONNIT is a company in its own right and Dolce Diet Foods is another independent company, but they work together too. Alpha Brain is a specific product promoting brain health. The Dolce line is particularly interested in muscle building with the help of whey protein. Dolce’s name lends legitimacy to ONNIT and vice versa, especially given the popularity of Mike Dolce’s workouts.

Hemp Force, as the name suggests, helps vegans become stronger without animal-based protein such as whey or egg. Hemp is a superior source of plant protein. Try Choco-Maca, or a blend of mesquite powder and açaí which brings bodybuilding boosters to the vegan community.

Oatmega from Austin is a line of protein bars featuring 14g of protein with every serving. Like other products from ONNIT, these are non-GMO and available in several flavors like Chocolate Peanut Crisp. ONNIT doesn’t deny the love affair Americans have with tasty but potentially fattening ingredients. They just turn the tables and create body building foods instead.

Oatmega protein bars are made from gluten-free oats, whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows, and fish oil without a fishy smell or flavor. Each bar is a source of omega fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. Take one on the road anywhere you expect to miss a meal due to your busy schedule and enjoy some tasty goodness.

Warrior Bars supply natural health-giving properties Native Americans have relied on for centuries from buffalo meat. These bars contain no gluten, nitrites, hormone supplements, or antibiotics. Buffalo are fed on good old prairie grass where they roam freely to produce meat of excellent, stress-free quality. Warrior Bars also contain cranberries and spices to create a well-rounded flavor.

Alpha Brain Supplement

This is the flagship product as they say; the one that started everything. Alpha Brain is clinically proven to improve memory and concentration and acts as soon as you take it. Words won’t fail you any longer with Alpha Brain, tested in dual double-blind scientific trials against a placebo.

Alpha Brain is made from Bacopa Monniera, Cat’s Claw, Huperzia Serrata, and Oat Straw. Bacopa Monnierais lauded in Ayurvedic circles for its support of memory and antioxidant content. Cat’s Claw from the Amazon is another antioxidant while Huperzia Serrata provides brain support. Oat Straw gets working when the brain is stressed or tired, enabling you to keep thinking incisively under pressure. Take it as a capsule or drink a mix containing the active ingredients.

More Supplements

Do you want to support your immune system or bone health with a company you trust? ONNIT produces numerous supplements such as Krill Oil from sustainable Antarctic sources which contains no dangerous heavy metals full of body-killing toxins. Krill oil supplies the same benefits as other fish oils minus chemicals: omega fatty acids excellent for neurological performance.

Try Shroom TECH Immune if you are tired of falling ill every winter and missing out on the good things in life. Shroom TECH Immune incorporates medicinal mushrooms: reishi, cordyceps, chaga, maitake, and others, micronized so you can absorb them completely. ONNIT adds turmeric, lemon peel, ginger, and other elements to their germ-fighting combination.

Check out what ONNIT has to offer, including deals and new items. As research unearths more superfoods, ONNIT will develop and bring these to customers in a format that’s easy to swallow.