Summer Diet Plan Roundup

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With Summer over halfway over, some of you may still be embarking on a routine to get in shape for that last bit of shirt off fun outside, no matter where you live.  That’s pretty much all year long here in Sunny Florida, but a weekend trip last weekend to the Florida Keys put a serious damper on my “Summer Time Fine” body plan.

Yep, even in the land of freshly caught fish, there was plenty of bad habits going down.  Everything from that odd slice of pizza to the mixed frozen drinks (See: Wet Willies), the calorie count got high and the level of exertion got low.  Well, due to that, I’ve been on a lean protein diet since getting home on Monday, and that means lots of ground turkey, chicken breast, and vegetables.  Oh, and like I just said, riding my bike like I’m Lance Armstrong.

For those of you who want some ideas of end of Summer diets, here are some plans that you should look into.  Thanks to for all of the great diet information.  That site was a huge inspiration for this post today.

Summer Time Food to Help You Lose Weight

The first food you could be adding to your diet is cilantro.

Lots of benefits here, not to mention this is my herb of choice to add onto chicken, beans, rice, or even that (dare I say it) cocktail!  You will get iron, fiber, zinc, folate, thiamine, and vitamin k.  It also can help boost the production of digestive acids, and this can help you push waste out of your tummy.

Another tropical item that hypothetically could be in a Key West cocktail is pineapple.

Adding this to your smoothies has serious benefits, mostly because it has the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which assists in helping digest protein as well as blood clots as they potentially form.  This is an anti-inflammatory as well as a super food, and it has been shown to reduce swelling.  This will lead to a flatter stomach.  Plus, all sorts of vitamins here, and let’s be real, it tastes amazing.  I have yet to find a friend who does not like pineapple.

Another fruit I enjoy is the mango.  Cut up when they are hard is the way I enjoy them, but you can enjoy them soft as well.  The mango is the best tasting fruit in a smoothie, in my opinion. Mix that with vanilla protein powder and some blueberries and you are all set.  When I lived in Costa Rica, I had these types of trees in my yard.  Pure bliss.

Moving away from basically condiments, let’s talk about a real item you can eat in bulk and not put on, well, bulk.  What I’m talking about is a local favorite here in Miami, and what I am referring to is Ceviche.  This is one of my favorite things to eat for lunch, and while it can add up thanks to all the freshly caught fish it comes with, there are few things other than a well thought out salad that will be a healthier option.

It’s so simple to make, as well.  You can make this and consume just 120-175 calories per serving.  That’s less than most 12 oz juices!  Check out this amazing recipe below.


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