For a long time now the science of Telomeres has become widely known as they have been deduced (after massive research and testing) to be reason why any sort of aging occurs in the skin. The telomeres are naturally found inside the deeper layers of the skin and as they shorten the skin loses its elasticity as well as youthful appearance and wrinkles start to occur.

This cream, made by DelfogoRx, a brand owned by the same people who make the uber popular Elite Serum, capitalizes on just that research and provides a DNA repair system which can delay and eliminate signs of aging which are faced by both men and women.

Telomere DNA Cell Cream Review

This cell cream is the major tool which is used by women who have great looking skin even as they are getting older. This cream has versatile uses and it can provide hydration and enable the skin to hold on to it.  While it’s not marketed as an anti wrinkle cream, it sure does do wonders to eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Regardless of when it used, whether it be night or day, it provides advanced cell repair and seeps deep into the skin. It prevents the shortening of telomeres so that you may correct whatever wrinkles you have gotten and prevent future lines and sagging. The cream can be used on the neck area as well.

As far as time is concerned, it doesn’t take too long to show results. About a month is needed at most and repetitive usage results in even greater skin. Although the skin has many strong ingredients which are probably not supposed to be used in large amounts, the cream can be used safely once a day. After you see drastic results, the cream can be discontinued for a while before it taken up again.

The only downside to this otherwise brilliant formulation is that the texture of the cell cream itself is not easy to work with. The texture does not blend well and in any case it is meant not to. You are just supposed to pat on the cream in small amounts all over the face and neck and anywhere else you deem appropriate and then leave the cream be.

Although it is massively effective, this just means it is hard to use and quite inconvenient as well as you cannot put makeup on top and it doesn’t offer any sun protection as such if you are going to be going out.

The most you can hope to get is the reversal of damage caused by exposure to the sun and photo aging. Premature aging can also be combated to a certain degree although that is most definitely due to a variety of other reasons which do not include environmental factors. The cream provides relief from wrinkles and fine and deep set lines and even crow’s feet. It works to repair the skin from the DNA level up which is not something most creams are able to do.

Sagging and dark circles are also eliminated even though the cream is not really designed for the eyes but it is still safe to use there. The Teprenone in the cream is the miracle ingredient and it accounts for the name Telomere DNA Cell Cream as well.

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