Is Marijuana Helpful?

Marijuana, for the longest time has been looked at as a psychedelic drug for hippies and stoners alike as it is able to bring the user to happy state. Looked at mostly as a recreational drug, marijuana has been sampled by many. The effects of marijuana on the individual include a cognitive high as well as a decrease in motor function. But is marijuana good for you?

Marijuana is made from a plant that has been recommended for people who suffer from a few types of illnesses. Although the Food and Drug Administration has refused to claim that marijuana is safe for your health, certain states have deemed the usage of marijuana to be legal. This adds credence to marijuana being more accepted as a part of the culture and not harmful as first perceived.

Of course, precaution should always be taken when using marijuana. In addition, please check your local and state laws in regards to marijuana usage.

The following are some ways that marijuana can benefit you healthwise:

  • Edibles: Eating foods that are infused with cannabis is becoming a popular trend with enthusiasts. These edibles can have a long and lasting effect and has been the favorite of those suffering chronic pain. Depending on the dosage and the potency of the cannabis, people can get from an hour to an hour and a half of relief.
  • Topical: Muscle aches and joint pain can be relieved with some creams that have cannabis mixed into them. To the trouble area, a small amount of cream is applied on the skin for relief.
  • Vaporize: With all the vape devices out there, smokeless inhalation is also a very common way to consume marijuana. The effects last around thirty minutes and there is minimal odor coming from the vape due to the smokeless inhalation. This method is the cleanest and not to mention the healthiest way to take in cannabis.
  • Smoking: Prior to the vaporization of marijuana, people usually smoked the herb. According to the American Cancer Society, a number of small studies done pointed to the fact that smoked marijuana can be helpful to treating nausea and vomiting. These are typically side effects from chemotherapy in cancer patients. Marijuana is also helpful to the ingestion of food by HIV patients.

Although there are benefits of marijuana, it would be an injustice if we didn’t discuss some potential harms of it as well. The most common effect is that it can lower a person’s motor control. This affects reflexes and also may cause disorientation as well as feelings of paranoia. And because marijuana plants come in all different kinds of strains with different levels of compounds, it can make the user experience extremely hard to judge. This lack of knowledge is what is harmful.

If you do decide that marijuana is helpful for you, please take extra care to pick the right strain and potency to fit your needs. Speak to medical professionals firstly, but customer service professionals at dispensaries can also help you decide and get a good idea. Perhaps it is better to start with less potency and be in a safe environment when using.

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