How Utilizing Essential Oils Can Aide in Weight-Loss Efforts

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If you feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight to no avail, you might be excited about the prospect of losing weight with essential oils.

After all, all-natural approaches are always best, aren’t they?

But you’re probably skeptical. And it makes sense.

But what you should know is that essential oils aren’t a new age craze like it seems. On the contrary, people have been using these concentrated plant extracts for thousands of years to heal various things, including obesity.

Research is limited, but if you ask anyone who has tried essential oils for weight loss, it’s definitely worth a shot.

What Are Essential Oils?

To understand how essential oils help with weight loss, it’s important to understand exactly what they are. Essential oils are distilled and pressed from plants, and what you get as a result is the purest, rawest and most concentrated form of the plant’s essence. This is why essential oils are so powerful.

How Essential Oils Help with Weight Loss

If you want to use essential oils for weight loss, you should understand that the connection is indirect. So, it’s not like you’re going to rub oil on your body and the weight will fall off.

Essential oils can help promote weight loss by promoting good sleep, reducing your appetite, reducing anxiety, relieving symptoms of depression and improving digestion.

When your body systems are working in sync, weight loss is a natural result. But it’s true that there are other things you can do to help promote weight loss as you use essential oils. For example, exercise and eating foods with natural flavors instead of refined sugar will help you lose weight. It’s important to understand the truth about natural flavors because they aren’t always completely natural or healthy.

Also, if you have other health issues, especially eating disorders, be sure to treat those as you begin your essential oil plan. The truth about eating disorders explained is that they are a mental illness, and although essential oils may improve some symptoms, they shouldn’t be your only treatment.

If you want to get started with essential oils to aid in your weight loss, consider the following:

  • Juniper — Juniper essential oil has been found to be rich in antioxidant and anti-obesity properties. Juniper may work best when applied topically as it may aid in water retention.
  • Sage — Sage essential oil may help treat or prevent obesity by protecting the body against oxidative stress.
  • Garlic — Garlic essential oil shows promise in helping reduce weight gain.

How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

To get the most out of your efforts, consider applying essential oils topically. Just be sure to check with a naturopath or research the oils first because many oils must be diluted with carrier oils (like coconut oil or jojoba oil) before they are applied to the skin. And it’s always a good idea to do a patch test before you apply any essential oil to a large area of your skin. The skin on the inside of your forearm works well for testing. Wait 24 hours before you use the oil again. If all is clear, you can proceed to use it as directed for your purpose.

But when you apply the right essential oils to the skin, they may help reduce water retention or bloating. And as a bonus, some essential oils have been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

When used properly, essential oils can help you in your weight loss journey. Many people use them to boost weight loss efforts they’re already taking. Because we can all use a little boost when it comes to shedding those pesky pounds.

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