How to Wake Up Earlier: Tips From Health Bloggers

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Waking up earlier is on many people’s bucket lists, but how many actually do it? Sure, you might have to wake up early for work or school, but it’s hard to actually feel motivated. However, when it comes to getting more done, it pays to wake up early.

If you’ve been struggling to find time for your fitness routine, waking up early gives you that opportunity. If you just want time for yourself, waking up early makes that possible. In fact, a study from the Harvard Business Review reported that people who have peak performance in the mornings are better positioned for success in their careers.

It turns out that waking up early can help you be more successful as well as make healthier choices, and that’s got to be reason enough to give it a try. So how do you actually beat the alarm clock and wake up earlier? Try these tips from the top health bloggers.

Find Something To Look Forward To

Think about the times you don’t mind waking up early. Maybe it’s when you’re about to go on a trip or even on Christmas morning. That excited feeling completely overpowers the dread of having to leave your cozy bed.

The McCormick family behind Pretty Sweet, a health and travel blog, recommend finding something you look forward to in the morning. Whether it’s an upcoming trip or even your favorite cup of coffee, find what makes you want to get up in the morning and treat yourself.

Have A Plan

If you want to get up early (and stay awake), you need an actual plan. This goes beyond something you look forward to. It makes no sense to wake up early if you’re not going to use that time productively.

Chris Winfield, a productivity blogger, argues that this is the time to do whatever you feel you “don’t have time for.” It could be as simple as reading a book, enjoying time to yourself, or going to the gym before the morning rush. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things to do, but set some clear goals.

Have a Plan

Listen To Your Body

When you’re changing your routine, it’s important to listen to your body. If you’re sick or desperately in need of more sleep, don’t deny yourself what your body needs. There’s no reason to push yourself. There are times when you really will need to sleep, and you need to do so without feeling guilty about changing your routine.

Skip Your Naps

Personal development blogger Charley Mendoza argues you shouldn’t nap after 7 hours of waking up. If you are feeling sleepy during the day, you can still take a nap, but it has to be within 7 hours of waking up.

Napping any later than that will mess with your sleep schedule and leave you struggling to fall asleep at night. A few nights of doing this will put you right back at square one with your routine.

Go Camping Often

Last but not least, Charley also recommends going camping. This might sound weird, but it’s backed by research. Syncing your body’s sleep schedule with sunrise and sunset is never easier than spending some time in the great outdoors.

When you leave your gadgets at home, you’re exposed to no artificial light. You’ll be surprised just how quickly your routine changes when you’re outside! Of course, camping often isn’t always possible, but you can still try to make the no-gadget change in your own life.


Are you ready to wake up to earlier, happier mornings? Nobody likes the sluggishness that comes from sleeping in, so take a positive step for your health right now by vowing to wake up earlier.

Waking up early doesn’t have to be a challenge. While it might seem complicated, these health bloggers above have great tips for getting started today. It’s time to rise and shine!

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