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Darin Hager, owner and operator of Heyday Footwear, literally could not find a thing to wear. That is, he was frustrated with the choice of shoes for people who work out at the gym. Hager was dissatisfied with the athletic offerings on the market in the years preceding his company’s launch in 2007.

Since then he has built a brand and a name on the strength of sales made directly to customers. Using this innovative sales technique to cut costs and provide the best footwear has enabled Hager and his affiliate team to become established.

He has an impressive background as a designer for Pumas, and a cool fact about his brand is that he is the ‘Chief Everything Officer’; you are always dealing with him, whether you shop gym shoes at heydayfootwear.com, or reply to a comment or post on his Instagram.

The word “fresh” crops up again and again in his company description where the colors and Hager’s designs are “fresh,” and Hager explores multiple materials. You might find a completely new type of shoe among his collections made using materials you never would have thought to find on your feet.

Website for Heyday Footwear

The site here displays headings that make shopping easier if you are always a little bit overwhelmed. Videos, testimonials, and blog articles provide assistance to newcomers who do not know how to shop for fitness shoes or why their differences matter.

These include shoes for bodybuilding, running, and cross training. The shopping section supplies a “sale” sub-heading plus categories for Super Shift, Tactical Trainer, Prime Trainer, Collabs, Super Freak, and Urban Runner.

Those who do not yet know what the names are supposed to mean can stop feeling silly because how could you possibly recognize them? First, you have to shop at Heyday Footwear. Hager piques your curiosity in order to get you inside the virtual store, looking around for something new.

Limited Edition Tactical Trainers

The flat bottom of this piece is made with a rubber sole to prevent slipping. Stability is so important when you are training on a potentially slippery gym floor. As they say at Heyday, get “maximal stability, power transfer & technique” for your dollar.

Tactical Trainer Camo Gym Sneaker

The shoe is made with a collar for ankle support and style. Breathable material prevents sweating. Heyday uses something known as ballistic nylon mesh and tough laces. Rubber cups on the sole are stitched 360° for ultimate security.

The internal part contains suede that is resistant to odors plus a foam bed you can take out, one which adjusts to the shape of your feet. These are comfortable and functional in every way, especially for cross training and weight lifting. These $145 shoes are made for men or women and come in black or camo.

Super Shift

The flat bottom with cupped rubber sole returns with this weight-lifting shoe in red, silver, or white. The design brings the tongue forward visually for a very different style and also features a top strap for added support when lifting weights.

Super Shift White Gym Sneaker

Leather is patterned with anaconda scales and laces are waxed flat. Adjust to your liking by connecting the tongue to the collar or let it hang out. Reversible straps let you customize further, taking ownership of your footwear fashion. The inside is as soft as a baby’s bum if that bum was clad in washable terry diapers, plus the anti-odor material and memory foam are back.

Super Freak

This new shoe by Darin Hager expresses his creativity in a fresh way. It’s a high-top gym shoe with the wider tongue again.

Super Freak

Black is criss-crossed with laces of red or pink. Mesh breathes so your feet can also breathe, reducing sweating, odors, and also the foot diseases that occur when you don’t wear breathable shoes and take to the gym for extended training sessions.

Hager makes his shoes extremely light so you can stay light on your feet instead of hauling around thick soles. But they are still cushioned and the rubber heel prevents some wear on the material while also helping you maintain grip and stability.

Urban Runner

The rest of Hager’s shoes sit high at the ankle to support the joints when cross-training or lifting weights. This is a different kind of athletic shoe better for running or brisk walking. Costing about $90 per pair, they are highlighted bright green or pink to suit men or women.

Black Pink Urban Runner

This is another new design featuring the EVA cushioning sported in Heyday’s Super Freak shoe plus a stretching mesh upper portion. The build is light but durable once more and very comfortable regardless of your size or foot shape.

Comparison Shopping

This is boutique footwear at reasonable prices, so there is a definite advantage to cutting out the middle man. Attention has been paid closely to what an athlete really needs from shoes such as where cushioning should be, traction, and hugging the foot properly.

Hager’s shoes are genuinely different on a visual level. I have never seen footwear for bodybuilders quite so stylish. This series will satisfy the sportsman who is tired of seeing dull shoes in the line-up for his size and the function he had in mind.





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