Azo Cranberry Pills For A Drug test?

Azo is a company that is known to produce products for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. One of their most popular products is the Azo Cranberry Tablets.

Here we offer our review of Azo Cranberry Pills so you can decide if this product is a worthy option if you are looking to pass a drug test.

Cranberry benefits
Cranberries can do many things for the human body.
 To answer your question if you want to use these for passing a drug test alone, the answer is uncertain, and there are a number of ways that have proven effective, and unfortunately, Azo Cranberry Pills is not one of them. 

Note: used in conjunction with other products, they may help with the detoxification process to flush out your system.

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Azo Cranberry Pills To Help Passing Drug Tests

Cranberry juice is a natural way of treating urinary tract infections. When specific micro-organisms reach a number that is not normal, these infections can take place.

Many studies show that cranberry juice can help fighting most urinary tract infections due to it having proanthocyanidins that contain anti-clinging attributes.

These properties in cranberry juice help prevent bacteria from forming a bind with bladder walls. Furthermore, the juice prevents the bacteria from multiplying by flushing it out of the body through the process of urination.

Azo has come up with a product known as the Cranberry Tablets that give you the same benefits you obtain from drinking 1 glass of cranberry juice.

Since some people do not enjoy drinking cranberry juice every day, they may find Azo Cranberry Tablets a great alternative for detoxifying their bodies.

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Relationship of Azo Cranberry Tablets with Drug Tests

A lot of people who are asked to randomly go through drug tests from their employers use Azo Cranberry Tablets to help flush out and detoxify their bodies of any signs of drugs. The method can be effective, especially for marijuana tests, because marijuana may only be detected within 7 days of use within urine.

So if you’ve had a very little dose of marijuana and want to pass a drug test, taking these tablets may help you detoxify and create a false alarm in your tests, so use caution.

Does it work?

Azo Cranberry Tablets for passing drug tests is an effective and easy way of creating false alarms in a urine based drug test. However, it reportedly may work for only those who took very small amount of the substance. For those who regularly smoke, the Azo Cranberry Tablet method of passing a drug test contains sunstantial risks of failing the test.

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What are the alternatives?

There are several alternatives available to pass a drug test. One of the most popular and accurate way of passing a drug test is through powdered urine.

Powdered urine is a relatively expensive but highly accurate way of passing drug test. You obtain the powdered urine kit from a notable brand and mix the urine in water and add in a temperature strip to obtain 100% natural human urine that acts and smells like urine.

Our recommendation

As mentioned above, the Azo Cranberry Tablets can be an effective and quick way of helping to get negative results in a drug test, in certain scenarios. It is best suited for random checkups when you know the quantity of drug consumed was very low.

If you are still in doubt, then we recommend using the tried and tested method of powdered urine. Synthetic urine is by far the best way to avoid getting caught during a urine drug test. But sometimes you may not be able to get this done especially if it is an administered test. This is when Cranberry tablets are something you may want to add in to your detox regimen.

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