Contraception Options

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Bluebonnet OB/GYN San Antonio, Texas works with ladies of any age to assist them with deciding the contraception strategies that are generally fitting for them. At the point when a lady concludes that transitory contraception is best for her circumstance, there are choices to browse which include the following:

Hormonal Techniques

Hormonal techniques are profoundly compelling; however, it may take two weeks to about a month to cycle out of a lady’s body on the off chance that she concludes she might want to attempt to get pregnant. Typical symptoms are sickness, cerebral pains, bosom expanding, water maintenance, and weight increase. Ladies on hormone-based conception prevention are urged to abstain from smoking.

Tests of Hormonal Strategies Include:

The Pill: new varieties of the Pill (Anya®, Lybrel®, Seasonale) are taken each day for 12 weeks, diminishing the recurrence of a lady’s period to one at regular intervals rather than one consistently. Different brands of pills can be endorsed along these lines as well. There are no known negative impacts of “skipping” periods. While a few ladies appreciate this symptom, others favor the consolation of the month to month cycle.

The anti-conception medication fix, (brand name Ortho Evra®) is a slight, beige, adaptable glue square that is worn on the mid-region, butt cheek, upper external arm, or upper-middle for each week in turn. Once on, the fix discharges hormones that are retained through your skin into the circulatory system. The fix holds up to everyday exercises, for example, heavy workouts, showering, and so on.

NuvaRing®, a delicate ring set in the vagina, can be embedded at home and is powerful for three weeks. It has similar adequacy as the Pill, and the accommodation of month-to-month, rather than every day, ingestion/replacement. Hormone shots, all things considered, Depo-Provera® work for a quarter of a year, and are regulated by your human services supplier.

A solitary bar called Implanon, is set merely under the skin in the upper arm, and is exceptionally viable for as long as three years, and is a lot less complex to embed and expel than past contraception inserts.

Hindrance Methods

Hindrance strategies are simpler to quit utilizing, yet also have a slower pace of viability. Boundary techniques incorporate condoms, cervical tops, and wipes. The majority of these are accessible over the counter. Condom use is emphatically empowered, either alone or notwithstanding another type of conception prevention method, as it is the primary type of contraception that likewise diminishes the danger of explicitly transmitted contaminations.


Intrauterine gadgets (IUD’s) are developing in ubiquity, as they are the best technique for reversible conception prevention right now accessible. Present-day IUDs are alright for most ladies and have the benefit of helpful long-haul contraception that keeps going as long as or up to five to ten years.

Crisis Contraception

Crisis contraception (EC) can forestall pregnancy after unprotected vaginal intercourse. It is likewise called the “morning-after” pill, crisis contraception, or reinforcement anti-conception medication. EC must begin inside five days after unprotected intercourse to decrease the likelihood of pregnancy. The sooner it is begun, the better. EC’s contain hormones found in conception prevention pills. Plan B® is a brand of hormone pills affirmed explicitly for crisis contraception and is accessible over the counter. Certain anti-conception medication pills may likewise be endorsed for use as crisis contraception. EC won’t cause a miscarriage or in any way influence a current pregnancy. IUDs can likewise be utilized as crisis contraception whenever embedded inside seven days after unprotected intercourse.

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