Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction

The number of men who have experienced erectile dysfunction remains higher than recorded. Most men feel ashamed of disclosing that they have erectile dysfunction, although the occurrence is more widespread. The cause of ED is complex, considering an erection is a combination of several factors, including the brain, hormones, and blood vessels. You could suffer and ED from psychological issues, hormonal imbalance, or physical condition. An erection requires that the brain sends a signal to the blood vessels in the penis via hormones; any defect on the process could lead to ED. New York Fertility Institute understands the problems associated with ED and offers solutions to the condition.


There are several causes of ED that could start in either the brain, from hormones, or the blood vessels. It proves difficult to establish where the cause of the problem lies because of the complex nature of an erection.

Physical Causes

Physical causes associated with ED include complications arising from blood vessels that take blood to the penis. Complications could consist of having a heart problem, high cholesterol in the body, and diabetes that affect blood flow. Blood pressure could also affect erection. Any condition that affects blood circulation or the vessels that transport blood may have an impact on your ability to erect.

Psychological Causes

Achieving an erection begins from the brain. When you have an issue such as anxiety, depression, or stress; you may fail to achieve or sustain an erection. The brain sends signals to the blood vessels in the penis to dilate and thus allow blood to flow and achieve an erection. When the mind is disturbed, the process may not occur successfully, which may further aggravate the stress or depression as non-performance may impact negatively on a man.

Treatment Available

Before getting treatment for your condition, the doctor needs to understand the cause of the problem. Understanding the cause of ED may take some time due to the complex nature of achieving an erection. After establishing the cause, the doctor can follow a treatment plan to overcome the condition.


Most drugs only work before you engage in sexual acidity. They may have a temporary effect and do not get rid of ED for good. They help to dilate the blood vessels before a sexual encounter.


When your doctor assesses your condition and qualifies it as psychological, they employ psychotherapy to help rehabilitate your thought patterns. They establish your thought patterns during a sexual encounter and try to help you manage performance anxiety that leads to ED.

Vacuum Constriction Devices

The device, as the name suggests, uses vacuum pumps to produce an erection and then uses a constriction band to sustain the erection.


This procedure almost serves the same purpose as the vacuum constriction devices; the primary difference is this procedure is highly invasive. It entails the insertion of an inflatable devices on the sides of the penis that can inflate manually every time you require an erection.

Lifestyle Changes

These involve changing your diet to lose weight, engaging in regular exercise, and having enough sleep to avoid stress. Lifestyle changes help to control both physical and psychological factors affecting your erectile dysfunction. It helps control blood pressure and other diseases associated with it and maintains the health of your brain for adequate functioning.

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