Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative Medicine

Did you know that the first heart transplant occurred in South Africa, and opened the world of medicine to what would be a series of successful organ transplants? There was a time when if you suffered from organ failure, you had no option but to wait for the fatal ending. Those days have passed, although it remains problematic to get a donor for a heart. Medicine has not stopped evolving, and new technologies emerge where you doctor and technologist have devised machines that can grow body organs. Tests have proved that you can take stem cells and make them grow into organs such as the heart, the kidney, with research still ongoing. The future holds a lot of promise, where you can have a heart complication and grow a heart in a machine for organ replacement. The best part is that; you won’t have to wait for a donor; you will develop the heart from your stem cells. In this case the possibility of your body rejecting the organ from your cells remains minimal. You can visit Clifton regenerative medicine to get a consultation on how regenerative medicine can help improve your health. The future of medicine is already here, and it can only get better.

Enhances Your Healing Process

Your body can heal from an injury, although the process may take some time. Regenerative medicine helps to speed up the process of healing by introducing stem cells to the injured area. You could see yourself recover fully with little time where it was never imagined possible before. It also helps to reduce the pain in the injured area by reducing the recovery period and understanding how pain works.

Improved Functionality

This technology has opened a new world of possibilities where you can enhance almost any process in the body. You can increase collagen production in the body that can help to strengthen your joints. After an injury, you have to give your body time to heal and recover from the damage such as torn ligaments on the joint areas. You have to undergo intense physical therapy to regain full functionality that takes a few weeks to a few months. However, regenerative medicine can help speed up the production of collagen that strengthens the torn ligaments and even increases their toughness and strength. You will not only regain full joint functionality, but it also recovers stronger from the enhanced collagen production. Your performance may even increase from the injury and the use of regenerative medicine.

Faster Recovery

Regenerative medicine, as the name suggests, is the ability of the body to recover from an injury and recover full functionality. Doctors research how they can help speed up the body’s natural healing process. They learn the processes involved and try to enhance the healing process using science. You may find yourself recovering entirely sooner.

Secures the Body from Future Injuries

When you have an injury, and the doctor enhances the recovery by inducing the production of collagen, the ligaments and tendons increase their strength. When you recover, you not only regain full functionality, you are also essentially enhanced. You have stronger cords that can withstand stiffer shocks. Therefore, it reduces your risk of getting an injury in the future. You also have a reduced risk of feeling pain from the enhanced healing process.

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