8 Health Consequences of Having Poor Oral Hygiene

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Our parents often told us we must brush our teeth after every meal; otherwise, our teeth and gums will rot. Besides teeth brushing, they also taught us to follow different tips to maintain oral hygiene. But little did they know that oral health goes beyond our teeth and gums. There are notable overarching health impacts of poor oral maintenance on the entire body.

Practicing poor oral hygiene not only affects your smile and periodontal system but also has incredibly damaging effects on other systems of the body. Therefore, we have listed eight health consequences of poor oral hygiene to help motivate you to take care of your teeth and gums properly.

  1.     Teeth and Gum Damage:

First and foremost, maintaining poor hygiene results in teeth and gum damage because bacteria converts food particles in your mouth to acids. These acids accumulate on the teeth and gums and cause deterioration, which could result in tooth loss and the need to see a dental implant specialist in Sedona.

  1.     Cardiovascular Diseases:

The bacteria that give rise to inflammation in the gums, also have the potential to run wild into the bloodstream such that it causes the build-up of plaque inside arteries. This results in a serious condition called atherosclerosis and also increases the risk of other deadly diseases like cardiac arrest and strokes.

  1.     Memory loss:

The bacteria dwelling in the mouth can also sneak into the brain and damage healthy brain cells resulting in dementia. Oral diseases like gingivitis can lead to incredibly severe issues like Alzheimer’s disease if the bacteria happen to reach the nerve channels.

  1.     Respiratory Issues:

Bacteria in your mouth can enter the respiratory tract and deposit on the lungs, where it can cause diseases like pneumonia and acute bronchitis.

  1.     Diabetes:

Diabetic people are already more prone to experience periodontal infections, and poor oral hygiene further adds fuel to the fire. Various studies report that there exist causal connections between gum diseases and high blood sugar levels.

  1.     Complications in pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal imbalances, and resultantly pregnant women are more likely to develop periodontal infections. Therefore, ‘mothers-to-be’ must always observe proper oral hygiene because infections in the mother’s body can have a considerable impact on the baby and may result in complications, like premature birth.

  1.     Infertility:

It is reported that women who observe poor oral hygiene have fewer chances of conceiving as compared to those who take care of their oral health. Moreover, poor oral health is also linked to erectile dysfunction in men, because the bacteria enter the bloodstream and block the flow of blood to the genitals.

  1.     Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Many studies have found a strong correlation between poor oral health and increased risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and they both have one thing in common: inflammation. Bacteria in the mouth sneaks into almost every system and causes inflammation throughout the body resulting in inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

Therefore, start working on the health of your teeth and gums so that you do not have to face the consequences of such serious diseases.

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