Natural health experts such as homeopaths, dietitians, and naturopaths argue that much of what ails the typical North American body is related to the foods we eat. In other words, we eat too much refined, processed food and avoid whole foods. It is as if we don’t know what to do with them after a generation of eating processed meals and snacks.

Processed vs. Whole Foods

What is a processed food? That’s anything which has been made using flower, sugar, and additives. It has probably been baked or fried and is filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce. These are not plucked from a tree but potentially extracted from a natural product, undergoing a chemical transformation at some point or lacking elements which would make it “healthy.”

Whole food is what you find on a tree or pluck from the ground. These are products not yet altered in a lab or refined so that its healthy qualities have been broken down. A food such as chocolate nut spread with added sugar and preservatives is processed. The nuts used to make them are whole foods. Even supplements are usually processed such as vitamins made from synthetic ingredients.

Approaches which Affect the Quality of Whole Foods

Unfortunately, many whole foods are genetically modified and few are organic. You could be getting more than your lifetime dose of pesticides in a single serving of vegetables, nuts, fruit, or grains. As for supplements to replace whole foods, the problem is you could be consuming allergens along with your daily dose. Read labels carefully and search for what else is in your capsule such as gluten, dairy, GMO, or soy (which is usually genetically modified).

Whole Food Supplements

A whole food supplement is one which contains blends of real, whole foods: vegetables, grains, protein, and so on. They are made for men, women, and children, each of which group presents specific needs and challenges. For instance, young girls can suffer from bone density issues if they do not absorb enough calcium. The best products not only contain enough but ingredients are easily absorbed in the given format. Some are full of greens or berries known for their antioxidant qualities.

Do You Need a Whole Food Supplement?

It is possible you can do without a supplement if your diet is very healthy and your body is able to absorb foods without trouble. This would mean you do not suffer from digestive concerns that affect your ability to absorb nutrients. Otherwise, eating three full meals plus snacks made up mostly of raw food, plenty of greens, whole grains, and lean protein is an excellent way to get your full dose of all whole foods.

GNC SuperFoods Ultra for Men or Women

GNC supplies a 30-Day money back when you buy their products. The men’s formula supports prostate and heart health with a combination of fruit and vegetable powders or extracts. Women’s supplements are rich in similar supplements but are designed for optimal bone health, a strong heart, and beauty. Their entire list covers the gamut of possible issues you might want to deal with: bone health, children’s health, digestive health, etc. Like most of these brands they operate an online shop, so take advantage of convenient, low-cost shopping. They are also available at many health food stores.

Mega Food

Matt McLean makes his supplements in New Hampshire, USA, so they are made to American standards. That’s always good news: always look for a “made in the USA” label. Mega Food sells supplements designed to promote blood health, mood health, men’s and women’s health, and to help prevent problems associated with a certain age. Some items are gender-specific and others are just multi-vitamins that would benefit anyone. They even carry a line of goods for children to help prevent hyperactivity, bone loss, or emotional imbalance.


This top name in the health food industry supplies whole food supplements of all kinds including tablets, powders, and liquids. Their product list reads like an impressive whole health menu: creams, flax oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbal extracts, and teas. You will find Flora on many retail shelves. You’ll recognize the label: a distinctive shade of natural green featured on the shelves of many grocery stores.

Health Force

You might not know this company yet, but that’s the point. Health Force isn’t into “hype” as their website says. Their Superfood Section contains energizing items such as Majestic Mint Maca with raw maca powder, Vitamineral Green for dense mineral concentration, and MacaForce Lucuma Spice Maca (more maca root powder). Search for them online or at very few specialist stores.

New Chapter

Check out these colorful bottles which include prenatal and postnatal vitamins, omega vitamins, and vegetarian whole body supplements. Search for heart, joint and emotional health help plus immune defense and an answer to inflammation that does not require over-the-counter medication. It’s all in the bottle.

With these high quality products it is possible to obtain all your body needs for strength, longevity, and balanced emotions. Prevent the types of disorders and diseases which assail bodies that don’t receive the nutrients they need. All that you need is found in nature and possibly in one of these tablets.