Our bodies are designed to work properly if treated with respect. Healing mechanisms, relief for pain, and anti-inflammatory tools are built into our blood stream if our bodies are working properly and are not assailed by illness, injury, or poor lifestyle choices. Homeopathy aims to revive those natural systems in an effort to promote self-healing without regular medicine.

Medicine vs. Homeopathy

Regular medicine masks symptoms of sickness such as a cough, runny nose, headaches, or asthma. It does not cure a sickness but treats an isolated event until the body finally overcomes a condition like the flu or an allergic reaction. Most medicines do not cure a chronic condition such as asthma or arthritis. They only deal with immediate discomfort and aim to control a problem in the short term.

Homeopathy adopts a “like vs. like” approach to stimulate healing. Homeopathic medicine takes elements found in nature which cause symptoms like wheezing, pain, or depression to fight those same symptoms.

Using the body as its own disease-fighting task-force, homeopathic remedies can potentially cure illnesses such as asthma, anxiety, and arthritis. If an illness presents as multiple symptoms, remedies will be combined unless something has already been developed to deal with multiple symptoms.

Who Practices Homeopathy

Although homeopathic remedies fall under the “alternative” category of medicine or treatments, they are used by many professionals who practice Western medicine. Nurse practitioners, doctors, osteopaths, dentists, and veterinarians will sometimes recommend that their patients use homeopathic tablets which are usually absorbed under the tongue without chewing. These tablets will frequently be recommended and used instead of drugs but can also be safely taken alongside medical products prescribed by doctors and served up by pharmacists.

Who Can Benefit from Homeopathy?

One benefit of homeopathy is that products are safe for anyone and everyone. Your pets can take them safely. So can infants, toddlers, pregnant and nursing women. Age and species are irrelevant because the amounts of active ingredients found in homeopathic products are minute and considered very safe. You don’t need a prescription to buy them.

Where Can a Person Buy Homeopathic Products?

These completely natural remedies are carried in many retail shops and health food stores. Visit the Health & Wellness section of your grocery store. Go to the drug store. Try a whole foods market. Find out if your veterinarian carries homeopathic products over the counter where he keeps dog food and worming pills.

It is surprising how widely available they are and the number of professionals engaged in Western medicine who promotes them. Other experts in alternative methods of treatment (massage, acupuncture, and naturopathy, for instance) frequently promote homeopathic treatment, and the reverse is also true with homeopaths recommending therapeutic massage to deal with injury or chiropractic treatment for migraines.

Limited Training

Then again, you can’t be sure those who advocate homeopathy are all trained in their topic. There is the possibility of selling homeopathic goods without taking years of schooling. Many of the store clerks who help customers choose remedies are only slightly familiar with their subject. They can point you in the right direction but they are not homeopaths; just natural-health enthusiasts with a certificate or 4 hours of training at a one-day seminar.

How to Become a Homeopath

It is possible to enroll in approved university courses and become a homeopathic practitioner with your own business and an office where you meet clients privately. During a meeting, you will typically discuss this person’s overall health and talk about lifestyle choices. Eating, sleeping, drinking habits or drug use is probably interfering with a body’s natural healing abilities.

An initial consultation will be highly revealing but trust your trained homeopath to be nonjudgmental and discrete. His only goal is to make sure you are taking the right remedies and addressing problems holistically. It is no good suggesting you take certain products if other negative life choices remain the same. Your symptoms will persist no matter what remedies you try.

Visiting your Homeopath

Insurance agencies act individually when it comes to coverage of homeopathic treatment. They might cover some, all, or none of your visits and remedies. An initial consultation typically costs more than $100 in the United States and could be more expensive than that.

There are also recommended follow-up visits to consider. You don’t necessarily have to visit this expert to take advantage of remedies, though, and if you are only buying vials of anti-anxiety or eczema-fighting natural remedies, prices remain reasonable and affordable.