A lot of science has gone into the development of body building supplements. Scientists, medicos, and weight lifters have combined their knowledge to formulate capsules, meal supplements, and drink powders which are proven to provide men and women with the ingredients they need to build muscle quickly and convert energy into muscle mass directly.

They have also devoted time to developing pre- and post-workout supplements, so always read the label to determine what a particular product was designed for. Your body has immediate and long-lasting needs when you workout extensively and put your body under considerable strain.

Key Ingredients

A male body builder needs to do two things to successfully gain muscle: release testosterone and consume the best possible protein. Certain products are designed to set testosterone free while balancing this male hormone with other hormones such as estrogen. Additional ingredients promote cellular recovery and energy. Particular ingredients are designed for immediate uptake while others are released more slowly.

Whey is the best protein for weight lifters, male and female. It is better than steak, chicken, fish, or legumes. Milk does not quite cut it, yet whey is a bi-product of milk. In its form as a weight loss supplement, scientists have eliminated water and sugar so that consumers are buying pure whey with its amino acids: the building blocks for muscle.

Whey is easily digested if you are not intolerant to milk products. Consequently, it also builds muscle quickly. Scientists say whey promotes post-workout blood flow to tired, potentially injured or injury-prone muscles too.

Casein is absorbed more slowly into muscles, so it is a great complement to whey rather than an ideal protein on its own. You will sometimes find that a weight lifter can handle casein but not whey, or vice versa: they are both dairy by-products, so if you cannot drink milk it is possible that one of these is tolerable and not the other. Creatine contains amino acids and supports the quick release of energy for a pre-workout supplement.

If a product can release testosterone, this makes it perfect for allowing the body to naturally develop bigger muscles. Zinc and Magnesium are also important: they help body builders maintain electrolytes which ensure the consistent flow of blood so that individuals do not run out of energy as they sweat.

Blood flow is important for oxygen circulation while water flow to cells encourages them to make room for growth. You will sometimes read on a label that this is a potential side-effect of choosing a particular supplement.

Brands of Weight Lifting Supplement

The following products contain protein and other ingredients which promote natural muscle growth or provide the ingredients to enhance it. Testosterone-boosting products are obviously best for men, but whey, casein, and creatine are great for both men and women.

Generic and low-cost brands of drink powders and capsules might do an okay job, but they lose points for being filled with sugar and carbs which do not belong there, for not tasting very good, or for low-quality ingredients and incorrect ratios of ingredients.

Some of the products to be listed here are backed by thorough scientific research. They are designed to build mass only: not to lose weight and not as all-round nutritional supplements.

While extra ingredients might be present (calcium, vitamins, iron, or fiber), it is best not to regard these products as replacements for a proper diet containing whole foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and grains.

XPI Testosyn

Supplements do not give men extra testosterone. Most men have plenty of it in their bodies naturally, but it is not free-flowing or used for muscle production at the rate body builders want. It has other jobs. XPI Testosyn is a completely natural product which contains D-Aspartic Acid, Fenusterols, and other ingredients which promote the release of testosterone as catalysts in muscle building.

Cellucor C4 Extreme

With Creatin Nitrate, Cellucor C4 Extreme provides amino acids for energy, muscle building, and more. The makers of the product say your concentration will also be given a boost, giving you the drive and focus to complete a workout session fully. This drink powder is easily absorbed for immediate energy.


The PhD behind this brand has created complementary supplements to release testosterone and support health in other ways. Male weight lifters, apparently, lack magnesium and zinc. Jym provides these minerals plus vitamin B6 to support hormonal balance, electrolytes, and supplying antioxidants that fight free radicals determined to undermine efforts in the gym.

While testosterone is released, estrogen is kept in check. That’s the other side of a successful plan. You have to create balance by ensuring hormones are balanced the way you want them to be.

Universal Nutrition: ZMA Pro

These capsules are designed to boost testosterone as well: there seems to be a trend running through the industry right now. Researchers know that testosterone naturally promotes muscle growth, one reason men’s muscles are bulkier than women’s no matter how hard women workout. Like Jym supplements, this one also contains zinc and magnesium. Magnesium is also essential for the uptake of calcium and important for the health of the nerves.

Scivation XTend

Drink mixes encourage weight lifters to drink more water but to make their water work for them too. XTend contains no sugar or carbs and encourages fat burning plus muscle building. There are ten flavors of this quickly-absorbed supplement.

Dymatize ISO-100

Here we have another whey protein isolate for immediate release of energy and amino acids to the muscles. Dymatize is easily absorbed, contains no gluten, and also does not have lactose. If you can’t handle casein and are unable to eat dairy products, you might still be alright with Dymatize ISO-100.

Foods for Muscle Growth

If for some reason these products are hard to get hold of, are too expensive, or you dislike them, here are some foods you should consider eating to help you gain muscle naturally. Eat lots of lean meat beef, chicken, fish, dairy, and legumes. Vegetarians will get a lot of protein from peas, quinoa, and beans.

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