When asked, most people will state a preference for either tea or coffee. Usually they are talking about black tea unless a person states otherwise, in which case they will indicate “green” or “herbal” or perhaps “fruit” teas.

detox TeasIndividuals generally use bags for convenience but purists prefer loose leaf tea. This is the best medium, but what about flavor? Which are the best flavors for detoxifying your body and how does tea even accomplish that? First of all, ditch the cream and sugar: they’re part of what your body is trying to get rid of. Secondly, think outside the box (or shop).


Many teas contain elements that fight free radicals: those cancer-causing cells often put there by toxins in the environment and food and frequently catalyzed by poor lifestyle choices. Even if you are genetically predisposed to cancer or other immune disorders otherwise exacerbated by modern living, you can detoxify with a cleansing regimen.

Some of these will involve pills and powders. Others are gentler, helping the liver to release toxins naturally without any harsh laxatives or unusual diets. Antioxidants promote overall health including your body’s natural ability to fight flu, the common cold, and infections. Nature produces all you need in abundance.

Which Is The Best Detox Tea?

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Detox Tea: Five Types

Some of the following teas are sold as prepared bags or leaves by grocers and specialty stores. Some are easily made at home with raw ingredients: no tea bags or special processes. Each ingredient is natural. In fact, you might be surprised by how readily available they are.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tastes strong: people make a face or shiver all over when they bite into it. Drop a few pieces of cleaned, peeled root (organic, non-GMO preferably, and not sugar-coated) into a pot and pour boiling water over it. There is still that sharpness but adding a little honey and sipping slowly should do the trick.

On a cold day this will really warm you up while also helping scour chemicals from your body. As this happens, fat is also released, so you might enjoy weight loss as a side note. Also, digestive complaints often clear up, so you don’t crave food to remove a nauseated taste from your mouth. Pregnant women suffering sickness love ginger tea, especially during the first trimester.

2. Milk Thistle

This is one of those teas sold as a liver detox product in tablets and teas, so you won’t have trouble coming by the next detox tea. Buy organic examples or even grow your own thistle: it might be a spiky weed, but the plant has value. Just wear gloves. Milk thistle acts in much the same way as ginger by promoting healthy digestion and the removal of chemicals from your liver.

3. Red Clover

Here is another potential weed and commonly-sold health food product: a beautiful plant with antioxidant properties and other nutritional components (consider it for salad). Meanwhile, brew a little of the leaf and sip this down daily to drain your system of environmental sickness. A tip for making smooth-flavored tea (any type) is to add a lot of the ingredient and steep just a short time. Local, organic honey will always take the edge off but you won’t notice much of an edge with sweet red clover.

4. Dandelion

Stay regular with dandelion tea. Snip some weeds from your lawn before mowing and achieve double benefit: seeds are removed with the plant and your detox drink is free. Dandelion cleanses your GI tract and makes you pee out poisons, so make a drink from thoroughly washed leaves and eat the flowers.

5. Chicory

Certain non-caffeinated coffee and tea replacements are made from this root, roasted by ancient people and used as a drink or food. Chicory increases enzyme production to enhance digestion. As an anti-inflammatory it works on the whole body. Chicory is thought to help with weight loss by supporting blood sugar balance while also ridding you of toxins, so if you urinate more while drinking chicory tea, that’s a good thing.

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