The SkinCeuticals Vitamin C E FERULIC is a well known serum that is known to have some outstanding skin improving properties. The serum acts as a photo agent for the skin by neutralizing the free radicals and thereby protecting it against aging. Moreover, the serum also improves skin firmness and replenishes the skin to reduce wrinkles visibly.

Note: While this is a highly popular, well formulated product, there is another serum with a higher concentration of vitamin c that we are recommending over this product.  Read the full review here.

The SkinCeuticals Vitamin CE Serum, after it is absorbed, cannot be washed or rubbed. Moreover, once applied, the serum protects the skin for 72 hours.

SkinCeuticals C E FERULICSkinCeuticals Vitamin C E FERULIC Review

What makes the serum so effective are its key ingredients.

Key Ingredients

SkinCeuticals C E FERULIC contains three prime ingredients that make it so effective to use.

These include:

L-Ascorbic Acid

The serum contains 15% L-ascorbic that neutralizes the damaging free radicals in the skin. In addition, it also shields the breakdown of the skin from stress that is a natural result of oxidation.

Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E

It also contains 1% alpha tocopherol Vitamin E which neutralizes the free radicals and also replenishes the lipids found in the skin. The Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E works in coordination with L-Ascorbic Acid, in order to protect the skin by neutralizing free radicals.

Ferulic Acid

Lastly, the third main ingredient in this serum is ferulic acid. Ferulic Acid is a plant based anti-oxidant that also works to neutralize the free radicals. In addition, it also inhibits the skin discolorations that are caused by UV rays. Ferulic Acid, which is found in 0.5% concentration in the serum, also contains anti-inflammatory properties that give an overall soothing touch to the skin.


This serum has many uses for the skin. The serum is used for cleansing and toning, correction, moisturizing and protect it. It is however to note that the serum has to be used in the right proportion to see obvious results.


To use the SkinCeuticals Vitamin CE Serum, apply 4-5 drops of the serum to the face, neck and chest. The serum has to be applied on a dry face. Moreover, the users should apply the serum after they have used a cleanser and toner on their face. There is one disclaimer about the SkinCeuticals C E FERULIC, which is that the product might change its color once it is exposed to the light and air. However, note that a change of color does not impact the efficacy of the product.

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