Are you finally ready to quit smoking? Many people are ready to take the plunge each and every day, but they fear not knowing what is going to happen to them once they finally take their last puff. It’s a scary feeling and it creates a sensation of unease, but it should not be reason enough to keep smoking.

Many people have kicked the habit. It is not the end of the world. You will experience certain physical and mental changes during this process, but overall it is going to be a good thing. You will overcome. You will survive. You will thrive. You will quit smoking.

Physical Changes to Expect When Quitting Smoking

When stopping smoking, individuals are going to experience certain physical changes. Some of these changes are going to happen on an unconscious level where your body will adjust but you really will not know what’s going on. And other physical changes will be more prominent and noticeable.

Some physical changes include:

Lowered blood pressure levels – when you smoke, your blood pressure levels are elevated. Within 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your blood pressure levels will actually return to normal. This change will happen internally but you may not notice it is taking place.
Lowered heart rate levels – as a smoker, you have been experiencing an elevated heart rate due to this insidious habit. Within 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your heart rate levels will also return to normal. You may notice the decrease in heart rate or you may not. Most people do not tend to notice, and have no idea that their heart rate levels were elevated to begin with.
Lowered levels of carbon monoxide in the blood – cigarettes contain large doses of carbon monoxide. When you are a regular smoker, your body will contain more carbon monoxide than it technically should. After quitting smoking, by the end of the first day the carbon monoxide levels in your blood and lungs will dissipate. It only takes one day to have your levels return to those of a non-smoker. This is a good thing. Be happy that your body is coming back into balance once again.
Decreases in levels of toxic poisons in the body – cigarettes are literally made up of about 4000 different chemicals, and many of these chemicals are toxic. By quitting smoking, within a few days your body will begin to detox from all of these toxins that you have been putting in your body as a smoker.

Mental Changes to Expect When Quitting Smoking

As mentioned, most of your changes will take place on a physical level. But there are certain mental changes that you may experience when quitting smoking.

They are:

Irritability – many people are irritable when they first quit smoking. This is due to a lack of nicotine and a change in habit. It dissipates within the first three days.
Restlessness – this mental change also happens due to a lack of nicotine. The body is detoxing from this drug and it often makes people restless.

This is what happens when you stop smoking. It’s a lot less dramatic than you might think. So put your fears to rest and finally quit.

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