Quitting smoking can be a scary experience for many people. They are afraid of what is going to happen to them and they’d like to know more before they finally make the attempt to quit.
This is completely understandable. It’s scary to give up a habit as powerful as smoking. And knowing what to expect will make it that much easier over the long run.

Instead of keeping you completely in the dark, we thought it would be wise to share a quitting smoking timeline with you today. This will help you identify the things that are happening to you and your body as you give up this habit and withdrawal from nicotine.

The Quit Smoking Timeline – What to Expect

Certain things are going to happen on a relatively specific timeline. Please know that the body will begin to heal just hours after finally quitting smoking.

ClockThe timeline:

Lowered heart rate and blood pressure – beginning just 20 minutes after stopping, your body is going to lower its blood pressure levels and heart rate levels dramatically. As a matter of fact, after stopping smoking for just a short time, your blood pressure and heart rate levels are going to return to normal.

This is a fantastic benefit because higher blood pressure levels and higher heart rate levels often lead to serious diseases including strokes, heart attacks, heart disease and coronary artery disease. So giving up cigarettes is going to have an immediate positive impact on your health, and this will allow you to live longer, healthier and better all-around.

Carbon monoxide levels decrease – if there’s one thing to rejoice about when finally stopping it’s the decrease in the carbon monoxide levels within the human body. Carbon monoxide is deadly, because it’s the exact opposite of oxygen, and as you know it’s impossible to live if you are deprived of oxygen for mere minutes.

So lowering the carbon monoxide levels in your body and blood is a great thing, and these levels will return to normal within eight hours of quitting smoking. This positive benefit will have a powerful impact on your overall health and well-being.

Lowered cardiac risks – cardiac risks are going to diminish within the first 24 hours of stopping, and this is obviously a powerful benefit that you will certainly appreciate. Our heart is the muscle that pumps blood throughout our body and it is absolutely necessary to our health and longevity. Decreasing cardiac risks will allow you to live a longer and healthier life.

Taste and olfactory senses improvewithin the first 48 hours of quitting smoking, your taste buds are going to regenerate and your olfactory senses are going to improve. You are going to taste food much better and it is going to smell fantastic within 48 hours of giving up cigarettes.

Improve circulationwithin 2 to 3 weeks of giving up cigarettes, your circulation is going to improve. It will be easier for you to exercise and initiate other types of physical activity.
Now that you understand the quitting smoking timeline are you ready to finally give up this nasty habit? We certainly hope so.

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