Hemp is a miracle food; a multi-purpose plant, the hearts of which are popularly sourced from the Prairie regions of Canada. In its full form, with the seed hull intact, hemp is high in fiber too.

It’s not a drug and not used as a drug. Hemp oil and extracts don’t make a person high. Oils and extracts from this plant come from the seed which is lauded by nutritionists and natural health advocates for many reasons.

Oils vs. Extract

Hemp seed extract contains more nutrients than the oil, concentrated into a sticky substance most people would not want to handle in its pure state. CO2-extracted hemp creates a substance which is often mixed with hemp seed oil.

The oil alone is beneficial too, but not as much as the extract. A number of businesses sell this extract online and it can also be sourced from street-level stores.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp?

Most of what you know about hemp is related to the hearts which are removed from high-fiber seed hulls. Grocery stores sell it in tubs and bags for what seem like exorbitant prices, but a little goes a long way.

These tiny pieces are dense with nutrition and coveted by healthy-living experts and vegans. They recognize the immense possibilities of hemp to do wonders for their bodies.

Protein Products

Hemp contains amino acids and is considered a “complete protein” like chicken or fish. This substance is easy to tolerate, suitable for vegans, and you only need a little to enjoy the benefits.

That’s a good thing given the high prices mentioned above. Individuals obtain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids from eating hemp. These are essential for healthy cells and nerve health.

Other vitamins and minerals contribute to overall good health, but it’s these fats that smart eaters covet. They are especially interested in benefits to their heart health such as low cholesterol, healthy blood pressure, and reduced inflammation.

If you find arthritis or gastric disorders do not respond to treatment, try a tablespoon of hemp in your oatmeal each morning. Vegan bodybuilders consume hemp protein powder in smoothies with berries and juice.

Topical Hemp

Hemp oil and extracts can be applied directly to the skin. Studies suggest it can reduce inflammation on the outside of your body too and also relieve dermatological disorders.

Dry skin often responds well to this nutritious oil and cells readily absorb to their good overall. This is a healthy fat whether consumed or spread over the skin; good for people and for animals with dry skin too.

How to Take Hemp Oil

One can consume the product as a capsule or chew it like gum. The extract is inhaled in devices like portable vaporizers of which there are numerous varieties.

Hemp will not provide a “high” but can potentially reduce anxiety. The extract is sometimes inhaled by operating a room vaporizer rather than a personal vaporizer in order to create a sense of calm in a fraught environment.


The makers of hemp products want consumers to realize that hemp contains only a tiny amount of THC. This is a cannabinoid, but very different from marijuana although the plants are related.

Growing hemp is easy; it’s a hardy plant that thrives in a cramped environment and responds well to various soil types. Anything that can do well in the extremes of Canada’s Prairies is tough indeed.