With the continuing buzz around moving away from tobacco and towards vaping making a massive impact on society it can be incredibly overwhelming to decide which brand or setup is ideal for your transition. That said, this Hot Juice eliquid and CBD vape juice review was important to help people garner a better direction in which to focus their purchases.

Obviously, there are many different varieties, designs and abilities of vaping devices and not every one is appropriate for all levels of users. However, I can at least point users in a constructive direction as far as the best CBD vape juice and e liquid available so that they have a basis of where to begin. Finding products that are made with honesty and transparency are valuable especially when users health is concerned and Hot Juice is certainly a solid platform that will help to foster a future free from the addiction associated with smoking.

About Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Vape Juice

Made in Southern California, Hot Juice e-liquid and CBD vape juice is handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients to ensure that every bottle that leaves their laboratory carries a consistent quality and performance that users can trust. With a seemingly endless range of tasty vape flavors, Hot Juice is a pioneer poised to cross the divide between traditional nicotine eliquid and CBD vape juice from a singular website known for creating intensely satisfying ejuice blends.

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Is CBD Vape Juice For You?

Although the actual benefits have not been intensely studied by the academic world other than a recent FDA ruling on a CBD based drug aimed at treating the symptoms of a range of genetic disorders effecting children that cause chronic seizures. That said, as most of the studies were aimed at these effects on children, the possibility that they can offer similar benefits to adults exist as well as a slew of other uses that have been touted by the cannabis forward community for some time.

Just a simple google search of CBD treatments will generate a sprawling surge of personal stories and anecdotes by users on how cannabidiol has transformed their daily lives. Now, with so much discussion about CBD oil and it’s benefits, many potential users are asking why vaping or inhaling it would be more beneficial. This has to do with the bioavailability and absorption of the substance as its passed through the bodily systems on its way to the bloodstream.

In effect, because taking CBD oil orally forces it to pass through the digestive system, users lose a great deal of intensity before it reaches the crucial systems and eventually the endocannabinoid system. This inherent bodily system is in every living thing and was so named do to the the configuration of the receptors and how they were effected by cannabinoids such as CBD. Essentially, it’s almost as if humans were genetically predisposed to taking CBD as a dietary supplement because of how their bodies are set up.

Now, when you inhale or vape CBD, it passes directly to the bloodstream, rather than having to pass through other bodily processes meaning users take in the most targeted dosage possible absorbed almost directly into the bloodstream without diffusion by other systems or stomach acid. In this way Hot Juice has created what appears to be the best CBD vape juice on the market presently with dosages up to 5000mg.

What’s inside a bottle of Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice?

From the very inception of each batch of Hot Juice e-liquid, they perfectly blend proprietary flavors, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and either liquid nicotine or 99% pure hemp derived CBD isolate.

  • Food safe, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher certified flavors
  • Blend of food grade quality Vegetable glycerin/ Propylene glycol in either: 70/30 VG/PG or 70/30 PG/VG
  • premium liquid nicotine in 0mg, 3mg, 11mg, 18mg or 24mg levels
  • 99% pure CBD isolate in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, or 5000mg levels

Their CBD isolate is derived from a strain of industrial hemp which has a naturally low incidence of THC which is then extracted, ensuring there are no psychotropic or mind-altering effects while retaining all the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Bananaberry Tropicburst Candy Vape Juice

Are There Any Side Effects to Vaping eLiquid or CBD Vape Juice?

So far there isn’t a great deal of study on any negative side effects of using either nicotine based eliquid or CBD vape juice. However, all of the ingredients making up Hot Juice products are generally considered safe by the FDA with the exception of CBD which is often categorized as a dietary supplement in contexts other than the aforementioned medication they approved recently for the treatment of seizure-related genetic disorders.

With that in mind, since there is no mind or mood-altering effects, the actual side effects would need further study. Though, if users are moving from smoking to vaping and they choose CBD vape juice rather than nicotine eliquid, they may experience a range of symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Where Do I Get Hot Juice eLiquid?

Obviously, Hot Juice prides themselves on both the intensity of their e juice flavors as well as the quality and combining of the ingredients they source. Although you may not be able to find Hot Juice eliquid and CBD vape juice in a local vape shop or retail location presently, they offer fast shipping, auto-renewal, and easy checkout with one of the easiest online stores to navigate.

The process for buying CBD vape juice and eliquid from Hot Juice is streamlined and convenient, ensuring everyone has access to their impressive range of over sixty e-juice and twelve CBD vape juice flavors.

If you’re ready to start vaping, but aren’t sure where to start shopping, just check out some of their informational articles on vaping and CBD to get a better idea of how seriously they take the quality of their products. Giving vaping a try is not much different from first meetings with strangers, vaping doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your initial introduction is one with integrity.