The goal at Mio is to “empower athletes”; provide them with all the technology they need to meet their objectives. They have created four heart rate products, all designed to be worn on the wrist. These are the Alpha 2, Fuse, Velo, and Link. Mio provides a handy chart enabling consumers to effectively compare these devices against each other.


The Personal Activity Intelligence App was designed for use with Mio products only. It’s a precise tracking app available to customers which tracks everything you do. That’s just one of many apps, however, favored by serious sports enthusiasts.

Terms of Comparison

Mio Fitness Trackers

Mio compares the following features of their four products:

• display type
• heart rate accuracy
calorie burning
• connectivity to other systems
• timer/watch/countdown function
• style of alert (vibration or sound)
• step tracker
• memory
• sleep tracker

In terms of these comparisons, the most feature-loaded products at Mio are the Fuse and Alpha 2 with barely anything between them. The other two (Velo and Link) also offer numerous attractive and supportive features, but let budget and the activities you prefer guide your choice.

Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monitor and More

MIO Alpha 2

Wear this device when you want as much technology on your wrist as possible. Read data about the last 25 hours you worked out including how fast you went, how far, at what pace, and the calories you burned.

The Alpha 2 is durable, waterproof, connects to Bluetooth devices, and is worn by pro athletes in various sports. The big display and comfortable design contribute to excellent value at $160. Mineral glass protects an LED display on this, the largest of Mio’s wearable products.

Mio Fuse HR and Fitness Monitor

MIO Fuse

Read data as it comes up along a strip-style screen, like the live, scrolling news rolling along below presenters on the TV. This data is bound to be far more encouraging than the latest world news as you track your heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, and pace all day long.

Even monitor how well you sleep. Train underwater or on trails with this durable machine made for every situation, providing precise data in an award-winning format. Information is also connected to Bluetooth and ANT, plus it can be shared with fitness apps. Buy this for around $150.

Mio Link

MIO Link

Mio’s Link fitness tracking watch monitors your heart rate and more. It will sync information to a Smartphone, so you can keep track without requiring memory on the heart rate monitor. Even connect to many different fitness apps such as RunKeeper, Strava, and MapMyRun. A Mio Link is their most affordable HR watch at around $99.

Mio Velo

Stylistically, the Velo and Link are the same: comfortable, bright-colored, light fitness watches with heart rate monitoring. Technologically they are also similar and more affordable than the other two HR watches by Mio.

Send data, such as your speed and pace, from ANT+ to a Smartphone app. Connect to GPS and bike computers. It’s accurate, waterproof, and generally weather-proof. Athletes don’t wait for sunshine or dry weather to train; they just dress for the weather, wearing their Mio Velo heart rate and fitness monitor in all the elements.

Mio posts testimonials by extreme athletes including professional triathletes, coaches, and enthusiasts. The $139 Velo (French for “bicycle”) is favored, appropriately, by cyclists.