Beachbody is known for developing effective body sculpting, training, and weight loss systems for customers who want to get lean or ripped. Their systems also suit body builders who prefer to work out at home.

Two of their most popular training regimens are Body Beast and the Master’s Hammer & Chisel, the latest from Beach Body at the time of this writing. Use either one instead of or to complement a gym-based program.

Body Beast vs Hammer and Chisel

Both of these video series features Sagi Kalev but the latter one is also led by Autumn Calabrese. The pair of renowned trainers makes a motivational team set to get consumers out of their arm chairs and into decent shape within weeks.

Hammer and Chisel

With this system you will have a newly toned body in two months. The idea behind this new program by Beach Body is to incorporate three phases of muscle sculpting known as SSP: Stabilization, Strength, and Power.

Routines run through cycles so you don’t get bored. There are the jumping moves of Hammer Plyometrics designed to use your whole body and to increase speed and power. ISO Speed Hammer utilizes speed and isometric poses which increase muscle density.

Total Body Hammer incorporates something known as hypertrophy, again to develop muscle strength. Using Max Hammer Strength, participants will become more powerful during those 60 days while Hammer Power focuses on speed and reactions.

With Hammer Conditioning, compound movements are efficient and effective for improving coordination and balance. Chisel Balance is all about stabilizing your body through the core.


BodyBeastBody Beast

It might be old compared with Hammer and Chisel, but Body Beast is still a contender. This system requires longer to complete: 90 days as opposed to the former’s 60. Spread the work and results out over a longer period and enjoy the less extreme methods found within this regimen.

There are 12 workouts included and a system designed around muscle development. Produce more testosterone without taking substances. Consumers train their bodies to release more of it naturally in order to enhance muscle production.

Body Beast also hits your fatty areas during this 3-month program, also hosted by former Mr. Israel, SagiKalev. He promotes serious training in the home from meal time to fitness time.

Start with chest and tricep muscles. Move on to shoulders. Hit your leg muscles for some sculpting work. Build the back and biceps followed by chest moves that help define pectoral muscles.

You will continue to rotate through these series incorporating different types of moves to avoid boredom and plateaus.

Workout less than an hour with ab moves you can tack onto any series for just 10 minutes or so developing a six-pack. There’s a cardio component too lasting half an hour and the circuit training Total Body session lasting about 40 minutes.



How They Compare

Hammer and Chisel is newer, so Sagi has had time to learn from the latest science about sculpting and chiseling your body, although each focuses on muscle. This later series is also known as “Master’s” for good reason: participants should probably be in decent shape before they even start.

Participating when you are seriously overweight will be problematic, but Body Beast allows more time to develop strength. Neither one of them is for wimps, but hosts provide encouragement and motivation. Each series has shown its worth in testimonials from happy customers.