Diets come and diets go. There are so many diets that you can attempt if you’re trying to lose weight. I mean there are literally thousands of them that pop-up every year. There are all different types of variations on diets that you’ve tried before, but the creator puts his or her own spin on things.

This all leads to serious confusion. This all leads to overwhelm and inaction, and that’s the last thing somebody that’s overweight needs when trying to drop those unhealthy and unwanted pounds.

The good thing is that there really are some tried-and-true methods for weight loss. The ketogenic diet happens to be one of those methods.

Many of you have most likely heard of this diet whether you realize it or not. The most popular form is known as the Atkins diet, where you follow a low carb meal plan that keeps the body in ketosis and burning fat at a rapid clip.

As somebody who has experienced massive success on the ketogenic diet – and has lost 95 pounds following this plan – I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that it does work and if you put these principles into practice it will work for you.

It’s all about making a commitment. It’s all about sticking to a plan. It’s all about taking your life back and finally losing that unwanted weight.

Ketogenic Diet Plan: What Is It?

Well, we already touched upon it but let’s give some more specifics.

In the basic sense, the ketogenic diet is a diet that keeps the body in a state of ketosis. This is a natural metabolic state that allows your body to burn fat stores, also while producing ketones, and this is an important distinction to understand because you do not want your body to burn glucose which is the sugar that is found in carbohydrates.

Yes, by eliminating the carbohydrates from your diet, you are giving your body the opportunity to burn the added fat stores that you are currently holding onto. This is why the ketogenic diet plan is so effective, because it’s creating an environment in the body that will finally allow those pounds to start melting off. This is fat burning at its finest folks.

It’s also important to note that ketogenic foods are incredibly powerful and very healthy. They are delicious, nutritious whole foods that will allow you to experience health at a whole new level.

What Foods Should I Eat on the Ketogenic Diet?

Before diving right in, it’s important to know the foods that you are going to eat. Because if you look at the list of foods and realize that you hate the majority of them, then you’re not going to have a lot of success on the ketogenic diet. So pay attention to the foods because it really is important.

But on the flipside, if you do not like the food on this list, it might be in your best interest to figure out a way to overcome this problem. Because they are the fat burning foods that are going to allow you to enter a state of ketosis.

They are the foods that are going to let your body finally release those unwanted pounds. Just a little reminder in case you are thinking about trying something different. Stick to what words. And the ketogenic diet definitely works.

The ketogenic diet foods include: lean chicken, lean beef, eggs, olive oil, butter, avocado and coconut oil. And let’s not forget about the other delicious leafy green vegetables including spinach, swiss chard and kale. And to top things off, there are some wonderful cruciferous vegetables that you get to fully enjoy including cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.

You can combine all of the foods mentioned above with healthy sprouts, nuts, seeds and other great tasting foods that provide serious health benefits. These foods are nutritious, delicious and healthy, and they make home cooking very easy while entering a ketogenic state.

Ketogenic Diet Benefits

The benefits include:

  • Ferocious fat burning – this is one of the easiest ways to burn fat. The state of ketosis is all about using fat for fuel instead of glucose that’s found in carbohydrates. This diet was specifically designed to burn the unwanted fat, which is why it is so effective.
  • Appetite reduction – you’re going to eat great while on the ketogenic diet. Make no mistake about it. And because you’re going to eat great, your appetite is going to be diminished. You get the best of both worlds.

Try a ketogenic diet today. It’s the perfect fat burning diet and it really works.

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