Electronic cigarettes are essentially nicotine delivery devices that vaporizer a liquid mixture consisting of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, mixed with nicotine and flavorings that create a vapor that imitates the experience of tobacco cigarettes.

Smokers, you must have heard the news by now: there is a new way to “smoke” known as “vaping.” Whatever your objections are, it is worth your while to try this method of nicotine delivery as an alternative to smoking. It`s impossible to deny the dangers of cigarettes or the potential benefits of trying electronic cigarettes in their place.

What Is an Electronic Cigarette?

E cigs, mini cigs, and cigalikes are aliases for the same thing: an electronic cigarette. A battery in the bottom portion powers a coil situated inside a cartridge. The cartridge contains e liquid and the atomizer heats this e liquid to produce vapor. E juice does not contain actual tobacco but is instead made from a mixture of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavorings and, potentially, nicotine. The coil does not burn this mixture but merely heats it to the point where it releases vapor. A consumer inhales this vapor through the tip of a cartridge and a light at the other end usually glows when he puffs. Rechargeable devices utilize the glowing tip as a battery-level indicator as well by programming the item to flash or change color when the battery needs recharging.

How Is an Electronic Cigarette Similar to a Cigarette?

Why is this mini cig format so alluring to smokers? Firstly, they share the same shape and nearly identical dimensions. Each one is a tube which fits comfortably between two fingers but there are numerous sizes including a couple of skinny brands. Secondly, the glowing tip activated by puffing an e cig emulates the glow from a burning cigarette created when a smoker inhales. Thirdly, each one potentially contains nicotine, hitting the consumer with a dose of the stimulant he craves. E cigs provide consumers with a way to satisfy the various elements of addiction associated with smoking: nicotine consumption, having an item to hold, and putting something in their mouths. You notice that many smokers who give up cigarettes cold turkey put on weight because they eat more to keep their mouths busy. E cigs prevent this occurrence.

How Is an Electronic Cigarette Different from a Cigarette?

Cigarettes are created by grinding tobacco leaves and wrapping them in specially treated paper. The leaves are laced with chemicals which, when burned, are released into the smoke which a consumer inhales. These chemicals plus nicotine form a toxic cocktail which smells bad to others and causes bodily harm to anyone who inhales that smoke, whether that’s the smoker or people who share his space (children in a car, a spouse in the home, etc.) Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of heart and lung diseases like asthma and COPD and also a carcinogenic product resulting in cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs.

Electronic cigarettes create vapor. They do not contain tobacco leaves. E juices are made from chemicals found in food colorants and flavorings listed in common foods like breakfast cereals, soft drinks, and baked goods. Cigarettes contain nicotine, but it’s possible to buy nicotine-free e cigs or to gradually reduce nicotine and get by with a limited amount or kick the habit entirely and simply enjoy puffing on flavored vapor.

E liquids don’t taste or smell like something burnt or chemically tainted. They copy cigarette brands like Camels and Lucky Strike, featuring bold, dry, or sweet styles, but these flavors are not ruined by an undercurrent of lethal toxins.

Once a cigarette is finished, the smoker stubs out his butt and disposes of the whole thing in his waste can before lighting another one. When a disposable e cig battery is used up, it can be recycled. Rechargeable e cig batteries can be charged up many times before they require recycling, creating far less waste and potentially costing much less money. Many brands avidly promote recycling in an attempt to keep batteries out of landfills, even offering rewards in some cases for people who send back spent batteries.

Arguments for Electronic Cigarettes

Although the vaping industry is not legally permitted to promote electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation devices, that is how they are frequently used. Smokers regularly give up a 10, 20, or even a 40-year habit by trying electronic cigarettes and enjoying them. The metal battery is usually softer than they expect because this part is coated with a soft finish, possibly even rubberized. E juice flavors are varied. Instead of just tobacco and menthol, consumers are vaping chocolate, vanilla custard, and mocha flavors to name just a few of the hundreds of simple flavors available.

Many firms such as Smokeless Image, Vapor4Life, and V2 carry assorted battery styles. They come in colors very different from the regular white-and-tan of cigarettes such as pink, blue, and red.

Smoking is a costly business, with some consumers spending thousands of dollars yearly. Vaping, especially with rechargeable systems instead of disposable products, is a lot cheaper. Switch from using pre-filled flavored cartridges to blank ones you refill with e juice and the cost comes down even more. Move over to eGo cigs with manual batteries instead of automatic cells that drain power constantly and there is an additional saving.

E cigs are less wasteful than cigarettes. Vapers can recycle their batteries and, potentially, the cartridges wherever brands invite customers to send them in. Cigarettes poison the environment, but if vapers are responsible they add far less garbage to landfills and fewer cigarette butts dropped on trails and sidewalks to be ingested by animals or soaked up along stream beds.

Smokers who turn to vaping get their lives back. Numerous stories tell of how a consumer who smoked for many years gradually noticed improved health. He didn’t need his inhaler to make it up a flight of stairs and even took up running. His ugly wet cough vanished. People started commenting that he didn’t stink of a chemical factory anymore. Doctors aren’t in agreement about the relative safety of e cigs as there is still a lot to be determined, but many physicians support patients who tried to quit smoking in other ways and were only successful when they discovered electronic cigarettes.