Testogen product reviewThe Downlow:  Updated for 2019, my Testogen review accounts for all of the new formula modifications.  Incorporating natural ingredients that are scientifically designed to enhance testosterone levels without side effects makes it the best testosterone booster I can recommend.  (Click the link to see the other recommended supplements.)

If your goal is to boost your testosterone levels, improve your strength, drop extra fat, and get a big shot of adrenaline into your sex drive, Testogen is the perfect supplement to add to your regimen.

You may fall into the category of men who simply know their testosterone levels have depleted over time.  OR, you may just realize one day that you have been busting your hump in the gym, eating right, and not really seeing much difference in your body.

If you are doing everything right not not seeing gains the way you used to, chances are it’s all due to your t-levels.

You can ask any Doctor, personal trainer, or even a physical therapist why you aren’t experiencing the gains you used to see in your earlier years, and there is a very high percentage they will all tell you that you could have low testosterone.

“Low T” is the top reason that men over 30 don’t achieve the results they once did.

But fear not, because scientific breakthroughs have made it possible to improve these numbers through proper supplementation.

Even if you don’t train or eat clean, and you realize the need to up your testosterone levels, natural supplements can do the trick.  You can lean out, speed up your metabolism, and reduce body fat – which are all on every man’s bucket list as we age!

For those of you who feel like the only way to accomplish this is by injecting with anabolic steroids, you are dead wrong!  While that way is a proven method, it comes with serious downfalls, such as:

  • Having to go through a Doctor and constantly do bloodwork
  • The nuisance of injecting and dealing with needles
  • The potential side effects are very risky
  • The cost can be 5-10 (or even more) times great than the cost of a natural supplement

The market for alternatives to steroids has really improved in the last ten years.  Companies like TestoGen have invested significant resources in R & D to help create natural, safe supplements that really help add strength – without deadly side effects.

What is TestoGen?

testosterone productionOpen up a magazine about anything to do with Men’s Fitness or body transformations and you’ll see a guy who has a lot of muscle but barely any body fat.  These guys are usually on a very specific dosage of anabolic steroids and rightfully so – it’s their job to look absolutely shredded so they can sell the crap out of their magazines!

I’ve never been one to really test the anabolic market – I can’t risk the side effects of using something like that, let alone I think money is better spent elsewhere.  I’ve longed for a physique I can be proud of, and wanted to go about it the natural way.

Knowing that I could really mess up my organs by doing ‘roids was just a non-starter for me. 

How Does TestoGen Work?

With the above in mind, the product was made to help people get the benefits that an anabolic steroid would absolutely achieve, but without the nasty side effects that strains the body.  Just look at the recent bodybuilder deaths – the numbers don’t lie. It’s sad.

The R & D behind the formulation of TestoGen took many years to get right.  Tests were done on vitality, strength, and stamina.  Only when those were all proven to be properly successful was this new formula released.

Why TestoGen is Right For You?

In a world of people seeking to make a quick buck, there is no shortage of products that promise major results only to fall flat when put to the test.  You can look everywhere and find people complaining of products that have “rave reviews” and “major endorsements” that simply didn’t stack up at the end of the day.

I’ve been there, and done that. 

I’m now in my 40’s and sought out a product to help go hand in hand with my training, which consists mainly of boxing, weights, and of course, eating clean.  After struggling for years, I can say that I almost gave up on getting that extra edge to help me achieve a six pack stomach, but then I heard about the side effects of low testosterone, and I decided to give natural boosters a shot to see what would happen to my body and my stamina.

Benefits of Good Testosterone LevelsThe Results Spoke Volumes

It’s no secret that as men our levels of testosterone decrease over time.  I don’t care who you are, or how famous you may be, men are men, and our bodies all go through it.  We can all train, eat right, and be mentally and physically fit, but we can only get so far with the limited testosterone we have in our bodies.

When I started taking TestoGen, I wanted to know WHY it works.

Mainly, upon emailing with customer service prior to my purchase, I was told that the ingredient deck’s main purpose is to improve recovery time.  For me, getting older usually meant taking more time off between sets of exercises.  When this happens, my heart rate goes down, and I don’t get the full effect of a proper burn.  (When your heart rate is up, that’s when you burn the most calories.)

Essentially, I wasn’t unlocking all of the benefits of my workout. I was busting my ass, resting, and then busting my ass again.  However, with reduced time resting, my heart rate stayed high and my burn rate was much higher.

The Clinical Data

how we lose testosteroneMost TestoGen ingredients are backed by science.  Whenever a company is laying all their cards on the table and showing you their ingredient deck, it’s always a good thing.

Word to the wise:  when a company uses stuff like “proprietary blends” and “secret matrix formulas” – RUN FOR THE HILLS.  What they are doing is hiding the truth behind the active amounts of ingredients inside their product.  You want full transparency, and this product gives it to you.

D-Aspartic Acid

Found in many foods we eat daily, this is the one of the best things you can put into your body to fuel testosterone production.  Adding it as a supplement to your diet has led to a rise in free testosterone levels in addition to advances in strength and athletic prowess.

Fenugreek Extract

You’ll hear this ingredient in the industry as something that works well to block DHT – which is an estrogen compound.  (You don’t want to grow man boos, do you?)

Is TestoGen Safe?

If you’ve ever looked into the nasty side effects of anabolic steroids, you know first hand how dangerous they can be.  For this reason, I personally choose to use this product due to safety reasons.  You’ll find that there will be no harm, no side effects, and no nasty after-taste.

Instead, you’ll see gains in muscle depth and sexual performance while getting leaner!

This is the most effective, natural way to achieve the gains you want and need!

The Final Word and Why I Endorse This

If you’ve read health transformation for any amount of time, you know that we only feed you with information that will benefit your health.  We’re just a few guys, and gal, that became close friends who set out to make some changes with our health. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves.

If you have been declining in athletic performance for any amount of time, this personal fatigue could be due to your low testosterone.  Men, this is a serious thing. I, for one, laughed at the notion that this could be somewhat of a problem for me.  Now, I’m an advocate for getting your t levels checked and making sure I do all I can to keep them in check.

Your level of testosterone will directly effect your levels of energy, mood, and even your mindset.  I’ve seen improvements in all facets of life since taking this supplement.

My Personal Journey

Review by ToddFat Loss

I couldn’t get a six pack……until I finally got my testosterone in check.

I tried fat burners (more on that when time permits), diet plans, rigorous workouts, and much more.  The final step in getting my abs to pop was testosterone supplementation.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve heard all the horror stories of dealing with shady online companies.  We’ve even talked about some of them in the past, and they are ridiculous.  This company believes in their product so much that they back it with a 60 day guarantee.  You won’t get hassled if you request a refund, their customer service is on point.

Last Thoughts on TestoGen

Look, there are many factors that come into play when you try to boost testosterone levels.  It’s not like some magical pill will do it all for you.  Sure, it’ll give a HUGE assist in accomplishing that, but it’s going to take a bit more effort overall in the focus department if you want to achieve what I’ve achieved.

Here is a summary of what I personally did to change my lifestyle to ready myself for this all out attack on raising t levels.

#1:  I Trained Like a Beast

Boxing, cardio, weights, you name it.  I did it.

#2:  Watched my Sleep Patterns

No more late night talk shows.  I DVR them and watch in the AM if I really desire to tune in.

#3:  Upped my H2O Intake

There are so many benefits of drinking as much water as possible.  It’s so simple too.

#4:  Lifestyle Changes

Instead of being satisfied with one or two half ass workouts a week, I started grading myself on my workouts.  When I did this, I noticed that I accomplished so much more.  I won’t put up with a mediocre workout, it’s a waste of my time.

For me, I had a huge goal to get abs after age 40.  I thought the goal was impossible, especially given I had let my health slide for so many years.  However, the results are in.  I did it.  I reached my goal and unlocked the physique I loathed in my 20’s – but in my 40’s!

TestoGen Reviews

I’m not a freak of nature, an anomaly, or some sort of person with an unfair advantage. In fact, if you look at my before photos, you’ll see I am quite the opposite.
I’m not the only one who is singing praise about this product.  The TestoGen reviews out there all echo the same sentiment – it really works.
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