A drink mix called SPIRU-TEIN supplies consumers with the vitamins they frequently lack in the form of a drink mix that is easy to use and tasty to sip. SPIRU-TEIN is a low-calorie, fat-free supplement, ideal for fussy eaters, people recovering from illness, and weight loss. It’s even suitable for body builders.

Contents of SPIRU-TEIN Drink Powder

Each serving of SPIRU-TEIN contains just 99 calories, none of which comes from fat or cholesterol. All calories are derived from soy protein, so this drink mix is suitable for vegans, but not individuals allergic to soy. That being said, the fact that this is non-GMO soy might make the protein easier to digest than other forms. Soy is usually made using GMO practices.

Health Facts about SPIRU-TEIN

What else is in your drink mix? There is 6% of your daily sodium allowance, a low value. Minerals include 3% of your potassium, 30% calcium, and 20% of the magnesium you require on a daily basis. There is 1 gm of fiber too and 8 gm of sugar.

The best part of this drink is its protein content: 14 gm or 28%. Bodybuilders could drink this and lay down tissue, repair muscle cells, and get through a workout without cramping, but they probably won’t bulk up too much with this blend. There aren’t enough calories to consider this a complete supplement for bodybuilders: more like a mid-workout hydration option.

A quarter of your iron for the day in each serving supplies red blood cells with the food they require to maintain their numbers and supply oxygen to the body. If you get tired easily, consider adding a scoop to your cereal in the morning.

Then there are the other vitamins consumers have a hard time consuming enough of: A, C, D, E, Thiamine, Niacin, and more. Each of these represents the total amount you should be consuming every day to function.

You will find essential acids and metals too (the kinds you need in safe values) and a lot of ingredients most people never see on the side of a cereal box. Discover an easy way to consume lysine, methionine, serine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan.

What Else Is in Each Scoop?

Ever serving of SPIRU-TEIN contains soy protein, fructose, natural vanilla flavor, guar gum, psyllium, oat bran, and more. The mixture is made with loving care into a great-tasting formula even teens will be willing to drink. Whether your daughter needs to eat more, a fitness fanatic in your home needs vitamins, or you want to lose weight, SPIRU-TEIN supplies low-calorie nutrition.


Each serving works out to a little over $1 and there are roughly 32 servings: $32 per container. Introduce protein into the world of a gluten- and dairy-intolerant individual, a highly-rated product made by Nature’s Plus that is tasty and complete.

Pea and rice proteins are also present in order to supply the fullest source of drinkable nutrition at a low price. This is a yeast-free supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It mixes quickly into any sort of milk, juice, or water. Try vanilla SPIRU-TEIN with unsweetened chocolate almond milk for a start to the day that’s easy to digest.