ON or Optimum Nutrition promotes “True Strength” according to their website. In other words, they are favored by body builders and fitness enthusiasts looking for ways to promote a more effective workout and to obtain the desired results efficiently and quickly.

Their product line includes men’s and women’s clothing, diet products, whey, casein, other proteins, vitamins and minerals, and more. Customers can buy what they want online from this award-winning brand and have it shipped directly to their door.

Product by Product

ON supplements are frequently listed on top-5 or top-10 charts where bodybuilding magazines discuss the best supplements. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Gold Standard 100% Whey

This one has been around for a decade or more and has won awards consistently as a top supplement. Gold Standard 100% Whey provides 24g of protein per serving in some fancy-sounding flavors.

Try Cake Donut, Rocky Road, or Vanilla Ice Cream. Meal replacement powder has come a long way since the days of plain old chocolate and vanilla: now you can drink a shake that tastes like cookies and cream without the fat or calories.

They achieve this feat using artificial and natural flavors. You might wish to be careful about artificial ingredients, though, since no mention is made of sugars. One might assume a key “artificial flavoring” found here is synthetic sweetener and sucralose pops up in their other supplements.

Still, look at the nutritional facts: there’s 48% of your daily protein in one 30.4g scoop according to the label and only 120 calories of which 10 are fat (1g or 2% RDA). That’s good fat too, fear mongers: your body needs at least a little every day.

Amino Energy RTD

Workout supplements are divided into sub-categories and while they would all support muscle growth and recovery to some extent, certain products specifically target one or the other. Amino Energy RTD is a recovery drink. RTD stands for “Ready to Drink” as this is a vitamin-packed thirst-quencher.

Each bottle contains 5 grams of amino acids and 100 mg of caffeine. That’s energy and recovery in a single bottle. You can buy a box of twelve 10-calorie bottles for $32.99 in orange or watermelon flavor.

Most health food gurus would argue that water is better, especially when caffeine sucks some of the iron out of your body and sucralose is the sweetener, but caffeine revs up your engine too. Amino Energy RTD contains milk ingredients. It’s fun to change things up, though, especially if you drink gallons of water every day.

100% Egg Protein

Before whey became the super-star of protein drinks, egg protein was top dog. It’s still a fantastic source and one of the best, particularly if you can’t digest milk products (whey is a dairy extract). A single serving contains 48% of your daily protein requirement, 130 calories, 1g fat, and lots of other health-giving features like fiber, sodium, and iron.

Again, sucralose is used to create chocolate or vanilla custard flavors but they sure taste good. Optimum Nutrition has been successful selling this stuff since 1990, so you know it’s popular, and with good reason: ON’s Gold Standard line is created to, well, a gold standard.


Here’s a new one from ON supplying a flavored caffeine drink to give you energy prior to hitting the bench. It has even been tested for banned substances: that’s how effective ON believes this product can be.

Competitive bodybuilders can safely consume Pre-Workout in order to hydrate, feel mentally clear, and to focus well on their goals. Flavors include watermelon, green apple, and blueberry lemonade if you can find a canister anywhere: it sells quickly. Caffeine per scoop is 175 mg plus 3g of creatine, a factor in your muscles’ repair tool kit.

CLA Softgels: Diet Pills

Optimum Nutrition also carries supplements that help a person lose weight. A bottle of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Softgel tablets, 180-count, costs $26.99 online. CLA combines fatty acids which support female fitness particularly. It’s known for helping the body to get rid of fat which sounds ironic, but healthy fatty acids do that because they support the growth and maintenance of muscle. Muscle burns fat. The people at Optimum Nutrition know what they’re doing.

Fitness Fiber

Hardly anyone eats the recommended daily amount of fiber, but that’s an easy fix. Take a supplement like Fitness Fiber with 5g per serving. This contains psyllium seed husk, a variety of fiber commonly found in detox products and other fiber products. A 30-serving container costs just $9.99.

Flaxseed Oil Softgels

Cold-extraction flaxseed oil is said to help stop the breakdown of Omega fatty acids: that’s the benefit of this particular variety. The integrity of your tissue-supporting fatty acids is intact. All you need to do is swallow a capsule once or twice daily from a 100-count bottle costing $9.99. Optimum Nutrition’s product is well-made and affordable, two things you can generally rely on.