Serious Mass is a gainer; a product designed to promote bigger, stronger muscles. You won’t find a low-calorie meal replacement here but a weight-gaining formula for bodybuilders and athletes. Here is Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition.

Optimum Nutrition Serious MassOptimum Weight Gain

Numbers on the scale are not always helpful when your fitness regimen is partially a fat-loss program but also a muscle-building system. What weight you lose in the form of fat could go back on rapidly but in a new form: dense muscle all around your body. As for weight lifters, if those numbers go up they celebrate.

Weight-Gain Frustrations

Strangely, some people don’t pack on bulk easily. They find it hard to gain muscle even if weight gain is no problem, but it is especially difficult for individuals with a naturally lean physique to become muscular.

That is where Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass comes in. Usually, consuming over 1,000 at a sitting is no easy task and absorbing nutrients from those calories is tough too. Nutrients are easily absorbed in this powdered formula made from easily-digested ingredients.

High-Calorie Servings

Consume over 1,250 high-density calories with every two-scoop serving of Serious Mass. Calories are comprised of protein, carbs, minerals, and vitamins flavored with cocoa and sucralose to create a flavorful meal replacement or addition.

Your drink will contain whey, calcium caseinate, vitamins, minerals, egg albumen, and more. Just imagine what your plate would look like if you had to cook a meal containing all of these good things and how much that would cost.

Nutritious Meal Alternative and Workout Food

Your daily diet should contain a certain percentage of calcium, sodium, fat, protein, and vitamins; you definitely need more if you are a bodybuilder. Optimum Nutrition supplies all of your daily protein requirements in a single serving. Get in excess of 150% of your folic acid, most of the B12 and calcium you need, plus many other vitamins. The label shows substantial amounts of vitamins A, C, D, and more.

Amino Acids Action

Serious Mass is a weight building and muscle repair tool. The combination of Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Inositol, and Choline contributes to metabolic activity but does not lead to devouring muscle cells in search of energy. The body builds and maintains muscle mass but also repairs it after or between workouts.

You will notice, too, that energy levels which formerly dropped three-quarters of the way through a session will now last until the end. Weight lifters and athletes experience greater focus and concentration along with more energy to get the job done. The addition of minerals promotes agility and recovery while preventing cramps. You get several benefits from one product.

No Additional Sugar

Consumers enjoy the great flavor of chocolate mixed with whey, a rich and filling combination, but without table sugar or aspartame. This is a great tasting meal in its own right, so if someone you know could use the extra weight either to enhance sports performance or because of health problems, this is a great product that has been tried and tested by consumers and well-liked by bodybuilders.

Tempt a reluctant eater at any age, even a non-athlete, with other flavors like banana, chocolate peanut butter, or strawberry. The powdered mixture dissolves quickly with only a shaker: you don’t even require a blender to create a smooth and satisfying emulsion.

Buy Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Purchase Serious Mass online at an affordable price. A 12-lb bag can cost up to $75 but there are deals where 6 lbs cost as little as $30, so shop around for the best deal.