We already know that whey is the best and most complete form of protein a person can use. It is highly touted by bodybuilders and there is not a muscle-building drink supplement on the top ten of conventional lists that doesn’t contain whey.

It is a standard, mainstream belief that if you want to pack on pounds made of muscles, this is the stuff to use. Fine, that’s fair, but why does it have to be New Zealand whey protein?

The News about New Zealand Whey

There are several very good reasons to choose whey from this antipodean country. Your other choices include Asian countries and the United States. What’s different about New Zealand whey protein? Their product is held to some of the highest standards in the world.

Dairy and plant products are regulated by a government agency that ensures the safety of goods coming out of these industries including grazing and cattle treatment, storage, and processing. You know that Kiwi whey is excellent stuff.

Animals are not pumped full of antibiotics. They just eat grass which is already nutritious. You can’t say that about US cattle even though the United States sets the bar for standards in many other fields. The benefits of Kiwi whey are astounding and you should know how much of a difference this makes.

Whey and Lifestyle

Stop for a minute and ask yourself why you want to drink a whey supplement. Do you need to gain weight following surgery or owing to an eating disorder? Are you underweight because of a medical condition? Are you a bodybuilder attempting to develop more muscle mass?

In other words, is health a primary concern to you or is your selection all about flavor and pricing? You don’t have to sacrifice flavor or money for a healthy protein drink, but the point is you are concerned about your well-being.

It’s not like choosing a variety of sandwich cookie, selecting between name brand and generic types. That’s all about flavor vs. cost. With whey, your primary concern is feeding your body what it needs without making compromises which undermine all of your efforts. Feeding your body whey laced with pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones will take its toll.

Whey Products from New Zealand

In spite of its quality, New Zealand whey is affordable and abundantly available. Read labels and search for products that do not contain lab-created sugars. In fact, avoid sugar entirely. If you make a smoothie with whey, use ingredients like bananas and blueberries to provide you with the sweetness you desire.

Avoid products filled with artificial ingredients. Look for whey isolate: whey in its most effective form. There are lots of excellent brands and many so-so ones. Search your supermarket shelves and don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend a fortune.

How to Use Whey Powder

Usually, whey is sold as a powder you scoop into a blender to mix with milk, water, or juice. You can also sprinkle it on food, but there are benefits to drinking whey as opposed to eating it. One is that your body absorbs it rapidly in this manner. Secondly, this is an opportunity to re-hydrate your body during, after, or before a workout. Thirdly, in the liquid form you are not consuming a huge meal.

If you did so, the meal would leave you feeling too full to give your all as you got started with your workout. Next, if your goal is to feed someone who is reluctant or unable to eat and needs protein-rich calories, he or she will find a shake or other drink palatable compared with a steak or fish fillet. Finally, the flavors are wonderful and new ones come out all the time.